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Cassels Academy

On August 16, 2016, Cassels Academy (Toronto Campus) re-opened its doors to alumni and friends, offering a wide and varied curriculum. Guests were invited to attend all programs or pick & choose the ones that most appealed to them. Presentations, where available, are below.

Knowledge Management: Staying Current
Presented by Kathleen Hogan

Learn how knowledge management best practices can assist you with your career and profile management as a legal professional.

View presentation here.

Top Secret: How to Protect Your Confidential Information
Presented by Ann Watterworth

This is a primer on the law of confidential information. This presentation will include a discussion of best practices for protecting confidential information.

View presentation here.

Cyberbreach Fallout - Managing a Nightmare
Presented by Bernice Karn

What is a cyberbreach? How serious is the problem? What are the legal issues that are engaged by a cyberbreach? Learn the key steps to take in responding to a cyberbreach.

View presentation here.

Strategies in Drafting and Negotiating Contractual Provisions
Presented by Frank DeLuca

This presentation will address practical matters to consider when drafting agreements, including tips on structuring the contract and ways to allocate or mitigate risk.

View presentation here.

Habits of a Healthy Mind
Presented by Marla Warner - Certified Health Coach

Being mindful of mental health is as important as being mindful of physical health. Research has recognized specific practices for optimizing psychological well-being. What matters most is attitude, and being in control of attitude is the foundation of a more optimistic outlook. Optimism is a skill that can be learned and that can enhance well-being, relationships and work performance. In this presentation, we will discuss strategies for taming a busy, racing mind and effective strategies for developing and optimizing psychological well-being.

Are You Lobbying? Best Practices for Complying with Canada's Lobbying Laws
Presented by Noble Chummar, Arthur Hamilton and Sean McGurran

This presentation will provide an overview of lobbying laws across Canada including: how and when to register as a lobbyist, changes to Ontario’s lobbying laws effective July 1, 2016, and best practices and case studies for in-house lobbyists.

View presentation here.

Professionalism and Non-Disclosure Agreements
Presented by Alison Manzer

This presentation will provide an in-depth examination of professionalism in the context of non-disclosure agreements including conflicts of interest, risk management and liability.

View presentation materials here.

Recent Developments in Consumer Protection Law
Presented by Suhuyini Abudulai

This presentation will bring you up-to-date on the latest developments in consumer law and the legal implications for you and your clients, including alternative financial services, the Fintech regulatory framework and the implications of Marcotte outside of the banking sector (e.g. prepaid cards).

Insolvency 101: Not All Insolvency Proceedings are Created Equal
Presented by Natalie Levine and Monique Sassi

We often hear from clients that their contract counterparty has filed for bankruptcy, but more often than not, the counterparty has filed some other kind of proceeding. Learn the basics of various insolvency proceedings, how to identify the type of proceeding and what you can do to protect your business when confronted with a "notice to creditors."

View presentation here.

Recent Developments in Private Company Mergers & Acquisitions
Presented by Jake Bullen

This presentation will include a review of recent developments in mergers and acquisitions, including deal trends, important areas for due diligence and the effects of the Supreme Court of Canada's decision in Bhasin.

View presentation here.

Guide to Drafting Independent Contractor Agreements
Presented by Laurie Jessome

This practical presentation focuses on the "do's and don'ts" for properly structuring and documenting a company's relationships with its independent contractors. It will include a discussion of the legal risks that arise when companies fail to properly manage their contractors.

View presentation here.

Ethical Issues in Arbitration
Presented by Ted Frankel

This presentation explores the ethical issues associated with selection of an arbitrator, and the ramifications of Justice Mew's decision in the 2016 case Jacob Securities Inc. v. Typhoon Capital B.V.

View presentation here.