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Matthew Nied Looks at "Pre- Packaged Sales Transactions under the CCAA..."

Presentation: Restructuring & Insolvency

February 17, 2017
Thomas Isaac Discussing "Metis Rights in Canada"

Presentation: Aboriginal

February 16, 2017
Thomas Isaac on the Faculty and Advisory Board of The Osgoode Certificate in Fundamentals of Aboriginal Law

Presentation: Aboriginal

February 14, 2017
Casey Chisick Panel Moderator Discussing the EU Copyright Package

Presentation: Copyright & Entertainment

February 11, 2017
Jane Dietrich Presenting "Everything You Need to Know About the Role of a Financial Advisor"

Presentation: Financial Services

February 09, 2017
Jane Dietrich Discussing Insolvency and Contractual Counterparty Rights

Presentation: Restructuring & Insolvency

February 08, 2017
Christopher Horkins Presenting "What You and Your Clients Need to Know About Defending Product Liability Claims in Canada"

Presentation: Product Liability

February 08, 2017
Carla Potter Discusses "Trends in Cross-Border Transactions"

Presentation: Financial Services,  Lending & Finance

February 07, 2017
Stephen Selznick and Eric Mayzel on Faculty of the Osgoode Hall Law School Certificate in Entertainment Law Program

Presentation: Copyright & Entertainment

February 06, 2017
Christopher Horkins Panelist at Queen's Law Career Day


February 02, 2017
Suhuyini Abudulai Discussing "Fintech and Cyber Currencies: What is to Come and Why It Matters in ABL"

Presentation: Asset-Based Lending,  Financial Services

February 01, 2017
Larry Weinberg Program Moderator at the International Franchise Association's Annual Convention

Presentation: Franchise

January 30, 2017
Thomas Isaac Keynote Speaker at the Daniels and Métis Rights Conference

Presentation: Aboriginal

January 27, 2017
Casey Chisick Moderator of Conference Titled "Copyright in the EU Digital Market"

Presentation: Copyright & Entertainment

January 25, 2017
Frank Robinson Discussing BC's Franchises Act and Franchises Regulation

Presentation: Franchise

December 14, 2016
Laurie Jessome Speaking in the HRPA's Quarterly Legal Updates 2

Presentation: Employment & Labour

December 07, 2016
Cassels Brock Presents "New M&A Minefields: Navigating the Changing Terrain"

Cassels Brock Seminar: Business,  Corporate & Commercial,  Litigation,  Mergers & Acquisitions

November 29, 2016
Jonathan Fleisher and Suhuyini Abudulai Speaking at CIX FinTECH

Presentation: Financial Services

November 21, 2016
Mark St. Cyr Guest Lecturer Discussing "Construction Liens"

Presentation: Construction

November 02, 2016
Peter Henein: Presenter and Chair at the 2016 DRI Annual Meeting

Presentation: Intellectual Property,  Litigation,  Privacy

October 20, 2016
Stephen Selznick Presents "Scalable IP Protection for Early Round Financing Entities"

Presentation: Intellectual Property

October 18, 2016
Geoff Shaw Presents "Drafting, Litigating and Defending Financial Performance Representations in Disclosure"

Presentation: Franchise

November 17, 2015
Deepak Gill Participates in the British Columbia-Ministry of Mines (India) Joint Working Group Meeting in Vancouver, Canada


June 01, 2012
Deepak Gill Presents "Investing in Canada's Mining Industry" in New Delhi, India


December 01, 2011
Deepak Gill Attends China Mining Congress in Tianjin, China


October 01, 2011

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