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Our Firm’s success is built on the unique skills, perspectives, experiences and values of each individual.  We encourage a corporate culture that respects and celebrates the dignity, value and diversity of all.

The Firm is committed to fair and accessible employment practices and has created policies and procedures to meet the requirements under the Accessibility of Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005.

We are always looking for skilled, hardworking and creative individuals to join our team. Send your application to Shannon Leo, Director of Professional Resources.

Currently available positions are listed below.

Programs & Policies

Alternative Work Arrangements

The firm encourages lawyers to consider alternative work arrangements in circumstances where such an arrangement may be of benefit to them. This policy recognizes the need for flexibility in order to retain lawyers who make valuable contributions to the firm and whose circumstances, including parental responsibilities, may require an alternative work arrangement.

“Alternative work arrangements” refer to any arrangement that provides a lawyer with flexibility in one or more of the following areas: office hours; billable hours; place of work and/or employment status.

Emergency Care

The firm provides emergency day care and elder care for all employees.

Inclusion & DIVERSITY Policy

The firm has adopted a Inclusion & Diversity Policy, find out more here.

parental leave

Parents preparing to return to work after a parental leave (particularly a first parental leave) face a number of challenges and potential anxieties. Some of these are centred around managing logistics on the home front and others are centred around the transition back to work. This program pairs new parents with lawyers who have navigated one, two or sometimes three parental leaves from Cassels Brock in order to provide guidance and support to the new parent. This "buddy" can also help identify strategies that will reduce the stress associated with leaving for, and returning from, leave. The firm provides a checklist to help parents taking a leave to transition in and out of the firm as seamlessly as possible.

The firm also "tops up" government provided maternity benefits so that our lawyers can continue on a full salary while on leave.

Wellness Platform

Healthy, happy legal professionals are energized, engaged and able to provide consistently superior legal services to our clients. The Cassels Brock Wellness Platform is a comprehensive program that addresses the mental and physical well-being of our lawyers and law students by providing resources, services, training and support on an ongoing basis. To create this platform, we engaged mental health professionals to conduct an exhaustive audit of the firm's mental and physical health offerings. Our program includes:

  • Wellness Curriculum: Our robust Wellness Curriculum includes topics ranging from nutrition to building resilience to mental health first aid.
  • Physical: All associates and partners are provided with an exhaustive annual health assessment focused on preventative medicine and proactively managing issues. All Cassels Brock employees receive an allowance to apply against fitness-related expenses.
  • In-house Trained Counsellors: The directors responsible for managing our associates and students are certified in coaching and counselling.
  • Coaching: In addition to our in-house counselling capabilities, external coaches are available to assist our legal professionals with issues ranging from stress management to home organization.
  • Mentoring: All students and associates are assigned mentors. Mentor training includes personality testing to enhance communication between the mentor pair and a regular publication, “Mentoring Matters”, that provides practical mentoring tips. Mentors receive an allowance to encourage them to meet with their mentees out of the office for coffee and meals.

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