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Matthew R. Alter Matthew R. Alter
t: 416 860 6764
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Wendy Berman Wendy Berman
t: 416 860 2926
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John Birch John Birch
t: 416 860 5225
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Jed Blackburn Jed Blackburn
t: 416 860 6725
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Mary Buttery Mary Buttery
t: 604 691 6118
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Robert B. Cohen Robert B. Cohen
t: 416 869 5425
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Ted Frankel Ted Frankel
t: 416 642 7469
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Arthur L. Hamilton Arthur L. Hamilton
t: 416 860 6574
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Peter Henein Peter Henein
t: 416 860 5222
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Stefanie Holland Stefanie Holland
t: 416 860 6467
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Jason M. Holowachuk Jason M. Holowachuk
t: 403 351 3056
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Marlon Hylton Marlon Hylton
t: 416 860 6456
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Thomas Isaac Thomas Isaac
t: 604 691 6108
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Lara Jackson Lara Jackson
t: 416 860 2907
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Laurie Jessome Laurie Jessome
t: 416 642 7474
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Robert Kligman Robert Kligman
t: 416 869 5463
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Linda I. Knol Linda I. Knol
t: 416 860 6614
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Eric Mayzel Eric Mayzel
t: 416 860 6448
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John P. McGowan John P. McGowan
t: 416 869 5780
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Jeffrey Oliver Jeffrey Oliver
t: 403 351 2921
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W. Michael G. Osborne W. Michael G. Osborne
t: 416 860 6732
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S. John Page S. John Page
t: 416 869 5481
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Colin Pendrith Colin Pendrith
t: 416 860 6765
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Tim Pinos Tim Pinos
t: 416 869 5784
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Brigeeta C. Richdale Brigeeta C. Richdale
t: 778 372 7655
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Todd Robinson Todd Robinson
t: 416 860 6506
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Derek Ronde Derek Ronde
t: 416 869 5428
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Geoffrey B. Shaw Geoffrey B. Shaw
t: 416 869 5982
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Lorne Silver Lorne Silver
t: 416 869 5490
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Brenda C. Swick Brenda C. Swick
t: 416 869 5345
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David Ward David Ward
t: 416 869 5960
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Related people 3
Robyn Blumberg Robyn Blumberg
t: 416 860 6891
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Graham Brown Graham Brown
t: 416 869 5372
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Kate Byers Kate Byers
t: 416 860 6759
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Carly Cohen Carly Cohen
t: 416 869 5368
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Maria Constantine Maria Constantine
t: 416 869 5985
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Danielle DiPardo Danielle DiPardo
t: 778 372 7333
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Noelle Engle-Hardy Noelle Engle-Hardy
t: 416 860 6595
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Jared Enns Jared Enns
t: 778 372 6787
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Christopher Horkins Christopher Horkins
t: 416 815 4351
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David Kelman David Kelman
t: 416 869 5343
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Stephanie Kerzner Stephanie Kerzner
t: 416 860 6571
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Emilie N. Lahaie Emilie N. Lahaie
t: 778 372 7651
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Kristen Lai Kristen Lai
t: 416 860 6441
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Jessica L. Lewis Jessica L. Lewis
t: 778 372 6791
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Jeremy Martin Jeremy Martin
t: 416 860 2929
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Danielle Maréchal Danielle Maréchal
t: 403 351 2922
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Alexandra Murphy Alexandra Murphy
t: 416 869 5388
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A. Chandimal Nicholas A. Chandimal Nicholas
t: 416 860 6750
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Matthew Nied Matthew Nied
t: 604 283 1482
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Tegan O'Brien Tegan O'Brien
t: 416 869 5346
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John M. Picone John M. Picone
t: 416 640 6041
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Meghan Rourke Meghan Rourke
t: 416 869 5393
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Caitlin Russell Caitlin Russell
t: 416 869 5976
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Lindsay Rydl Lindsay Rydl
t: 403 351 2661
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Christopher Selby Christopher Selby
t: 416 860 6737
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Mark St. Cyr Mark St. Cyr
t: 416 869 5462
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Stephanie Voudouris Stephanie Voudouris
t: 416 860 6617
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Jessica Zagar Jessica Zagar
t: 416 869 5449
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Law Clerks/ Paralegals



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06/20/2018 Jeffrey Oliver and Jennifer Traub Named 2018 Zenith Award Recipients  
05/17/2018 Marlon Hylton Honoured with Gold Key Award  
05/04/2018 Cassels Brock Recognized by The M&A Advisor for “Restructuring of the Year”  
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11/13/2017 Robert Cohen's Article on the Need for Dedicated Internet Libel Legislation Published in Law Times  
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10/17/2017 Just Released! Canadian Securities Litigation Outlook 2017  
10/13/2017 Cassels Brock Welcomes Brigeeta C. Richdale  
10/03/2017 Cassels Brock Holds Inaugural Legal Innovation Forum  
09/28/2017 Cassels Brock Recognized Among the Country’s Best in Chambers Canada 2018  
09/26/2017 Cassels Brock Lawyers Recognized in Lexpert's Special Edition on Global Mining  
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