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Securities Litigation

In Writing

06/13/2019 No Harm, But Still a Foul: Ontario Securities Commission Takes Strong Stance on Misleading Disclosure in the Emerging Crypto Industry
03/25/2019 The Spectre of Regulation Looms for Crypto Asset Trading Platforms
03/19/2019 Risky Business - Opportunities and Challenges for Growth in the Crypto Insurance Market
03/14/2019 The Game Changer: OSC Awards $7.5 Million to Three Whistleblowers
02/13/2019 US Federal Court Rules Cryptocurrency Covered Under Securities Laws: Will Canada Follow Suit?
12/04/2018 Supreme Court Clears Path to National Canadian Securities Regulator
11/26/2018 Jail Time for Securities Regulatory Offences – Vancouver Court Hands Down 3 Year Sentence
11/20/2018 Canadian Securities Litigation Outlook 2018: Trends to Watch for Capital Markets Participants
10/25/2018 In the Public Interest: BCSC Panel Finds Man Abused BC's Capital Markets
10/02/2018 Plaintiffs Need Not Reply: Motion Striking Reply Expert Report as Violating the Rule Against Case-Splitting Granted
08/20/2018 CSA Issues Notice of Revocation of Exemptions to Securities Registration
08/16/2018 Not Necessarily Here: Ontario Court of Appeal Clarifies Jurisdictional Limits for Secondary Market Misrepresentation Claims
08/13/2018 Living in a Material World: Materiality Drives Dismissal of Motion for Leave to Commence Statutory Misrepresentation Claims Under the Ontario Securities Act
08/01/2018 Hole in One: Ontario Superior Court of Justice Dismisses Oppression Class Action Against North Halton Golf and Country Club
07/17/2018 OSC Publishes 2018-2019 Statement of Priorities
06/25/2018 Rejection of Reasonable Investigation Defence in Securities Class Action Stands: Supreme Court Denies Leave to Appeal
06/14/2018 CSA Issues Securities Law Implications for Token Offerings
06/12/2018 The Eleventh Hour: Ontario Securities Commission Approves Yet Another No Contest Settlement
06/05/2018 Working Together Works: Ontario Securities Commission Approves Reduced Sanction for Insider Tipper who Cooperated with Investigation
05/02/2018 Deferred No More: Deferred Prosecution Agreements Finally on Their Way to Canada
04/16/2018 Class Actions e-COMMUNIQUÉ - April 2018
  1. Pre-Leave Discovery Prohibited: Quebec Court of Appeal Brings Quebec Law in Line With Other Provinces for Securities Class Actions
  2. Ontario Court Denies Plaintiffs’ Motion to Add New Defendants to Proposed Class Action Outside Limitation Period
  3. Federal Court of Appeal Clarifies Exception to the No-Costs Rule, Upholds Security for Costs in Proposed Reverse Class Action
  4. The Law Commission of Ontario Sets the Stage for Class Action Reform
04/11/2018 Shareholders "Got the Power"? Proposed Amendments to Enhance Shareholder Voting Rights
04/09/2018 The New Take-Over Bid Playing Field: A Farewell to Shareholder Rights Plans and an Endorsement of Hard Lock-Up Agreements
04/04/2018 Not So Fast: Federal Court of Appeal Strongly Confirms Transactional Common Interest Privilege
03/27/2018 TMX Group Exchanges Provide Guidance to Crypto and Blockchain Issuers
02/27/2018 Swiss Regulators Set Precedent with Groundbreaking ICO Guidelines
02/08/2018 Credibility Issues and Lack of Clear Record Lead to Rejection of Reasonable Investigation Defence as a Bar to Leave in Secondary Market Securities Class Action
02/05/2018 Not Home Free Yet: Financial Institution Faces New Lawsuit Despite Creative Comprehensive Global Settlement for Disclosure Violations
11/09/2017 No New Duty, No Negligence: Ontario Court Dismisses Class Action Certification Motion Against Underwriters
11/07/2017 Facilitating the End of Facilitation Payments