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Christie E. Gibson Christie E. Gibson
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Law Clerk/ Paralegal

Land Development

In Writing

06/26/2019 Sweeping Reforms to Environmental Assessments Become Law
06/25/2019 Bill 108 and the New Planning and Development System: Regulations, Transition & Royal Assent
05/10/2019 Government Looking for Balance: Changes to the Environmental Approvals Process
05/06/2019 The Pendulum Swings Back: Ontario Announces Changes to Planning and Development System
05/03/2018 Ontario’s Construction Act: Update on Substantive Amendments
04/16/2018 Inclusionary Zoning Regulation Posted
03/05/2018 Proposed Rules and Effective Date for the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal
01/15/2018 Ontario’s Construction Act: The Construction Industry’s New Reality
12/11/2017 Ontario Municipal Board Reform Update: Royal Assent Imminent, Proposed Regulations Summary Posted
11/07/2017 Draft Ministry Guide to Cultural Heritage Resources Released: How It Impacts You