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07/30/2019 Costly Tweeting: Employee Pays High Price for Breaching Settlement Agreement
07/23/2019 Keeping a Lid on It – Ontario Court of Appeal Reinforces 24 Months as Presumptive Limit for Reasonable Notice Awards
07/16/2019 Recent and Upcoming Changes to Federal and Provincial Minimum Standards
06/18/2019 Divisional Court Confirms That Employee's Desire to Return to Work, Without More, Does Not Trigger the Duty to Accommodate
03/18/2019 Employers' Anxious Wait is Over with the Arrival of the Federal Government's New EI Parental Sharing Benefit
02/11/2019 Ontario Court Pushes the Envelope with 30 Month Reasonable Notice Award in Employment Cases
01/02/2019 2018: The Year in Review in Employment Law
11/22/2018 Bill 148 is Officially Unravelled as Bill 47, the Making Ontario Open for Business Act, 2018 Becomes Law
11/05/2018 Ontario Government May Delay Canada's First Pay Transparency Legislation
10/23/2018 Unravelling Bill 148 – The Making Ontario Open for Business Act Has Arrived
09/20/2018 Court of Appeal Restores Distinction Between ESA Minimum Notice Requirements and Common Law Notice
08/15/2018 Deal or No Deal? When is a Final Release Actually Final?
07/26/2018 Separating the "Apples" From the "Oranges" – When Can Paid Time Off Benefits Replace Personal Emergency Leave?
07/12/2018 Nothing Ambiguous About It - Ontario Court of Appeal Brings Some Clarity to the Interpretation of Termination Clauses
06/14/2018 Termination of Benefits Coverage at Age 65 Declared Unconstitutional
04/25/2018 If Only It Read "Only" – Ontario Court Nullifies Termination Clause then Proposes a Corrected Version
04/10/2018 Ontario Superior Court Confirms that Employers Can Impose Changes in Terms of Employment Upon Provision of Reasonable Notice
11/28/2017 Bill 148 Receives Royal Assent, Significantly Altering Labour and Employment Laws in Ontario
10/03/2017 I Want a Second Opinion: When Can Employers Require an Independent Medical Examination?
09/21/2017 Changes to Bill 148: More Obligations for Ontario Employers