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Mary I.A. Buttery, Q.C. Mary I.A. Buttery, Q.C.
t: 604 691 6118
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Peter Henein Peter Henein
t: 416 860 5222
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Chris Hersh Chris Hersh
t: 416 869 5387
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W. Michael G. Osborne W. Michael G. Osborne
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Tim Pinos Tim Pinos
t: 416 869 5784
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Stephen I. Selznick Stephen I. Selznick
t: 416 860 6883
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Brenda C. Swick Brenda C. Swick
t: 416 869 5345
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Jessica L. Lewis Jessica L. Lewis
t: 778 372 6791
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Alexandra Murphy Alexandra Murphy
t: 416 869 5388
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Tegan O'Brien Tegan O'Brien
t: 416 869 5346
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Competition, Antitrust & Foreign Investment

In Writing

07/02/2019 Ticketmaster Pays a Hefty Price for Advertising Unattainably Low Prices
06/27/2019 Competition Bureau Challenges Completed Merger
05/15/2019 New Ownership Transparency Requirements for Federal Corporations
11/26/2018 Jail Time for Securities Regulatory Offences – Vancouver Court Hands Down 3 Year Sentence
10/26/2018 Fixing the Leak: Discount Fined $700,000 for Drip Pricing
10/11/2018 New Immunity and Leniency Programs: Still the Best Deal in Town?
07/19/2018 Process for Exclusion From Canadian Retaliatory Tariffs on US Imports of Steel, Aluminum and Other Products
02/05/2018 Not Enough to File and Smile: BC Supreme Court Refuses to Certify Class Proceeding, Confirms That Low Bar Does Not Mean No Bar