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Casey Chisick Casey Chisick
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Alison Hayman Alison Hayman
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Larry M. Weinberg Larry M. Weinberg
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Steven Kennedy Steven Kennedy
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A. Chandimal Nicholas A. Chandimal Nicholas
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Marco Ciarlariello Marco Ciarlariello
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Lindsay E. Dykstra Lindsay E. Dykstra
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Noelle Engle-Hardy Noelle Engle-Hardy
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Jessica Zagar Jessica Zagar
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Law Clerks/ Paralegals

Intellectual Property


09/12/2019 Steven Kennedy Speaking on "Changes to Canada’s Trademarks Act: Surviving the first three months"  
06/17/2019 Colin Pendrith Speaking on "Brand Protection - Where Law Meets Public Relations"  
05/08/2019 Peter Henein is Vice-Chair and Casey Chisick Presenting at the Defence Research Institute's (DRI) Intellectual Property Litigation Seminar  
04/29/2019 Alison Hayman Looks at Licensing as part of IPIC's Trademark Case Law Series  
04/25/2019 Casey Chisick Moderating Panel on the U.S. Music Modernization Act  
11/06/2018 John Birch Discussing "The Impact of Insolvency on the License Agreement"  
01/18/2018 Alison Hayman Presenting at the Law Society of Ontario's "22nd Annual Intellectual Property Law: The Year in Review" Seminar  
11/20/2017 Casey Chisick Presenting at the Symposium in Honour of Prof. David Vaver  
11/08/2017 Cassels Brock Lawyers Presenting at the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs – E-series Toronto Event  
10/23/2017 Len Glickman and David Ward Among Experts Participating in UIA’s 61st Congress