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Related people 1
Jason (Jake) Bullen Jason (Jake) Bullen
t: 416 860 2953
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Casey Chisick Casey Chisick
t: 416 869 5403
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Noble C. Chummar Noble C. Chummar
t: 416 869 5454
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Michael C. DeCosimo Michael C. DeCosimo
t: 416 869 5349
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Brian P. Dominique Brian P. Dominique
t: 416 869 5435
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Jonathan Fleisher Jonathan Fleisher
t: 416 860 6596
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Nicola Geary Nicola Geary
t: 416 860 5212
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Leonard Glickman Leonard Glickman
t: 416 869 5993
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Maxwell Gotlieb Maxwell Gotlieb
t: 416 869 5397
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Colin Ground Colin Ground
t: 416 860 6742
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Terry Hall Terry Hall
t: 416 860 2992
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Alison Hayman Alison Hayman
t: 416 815 4240
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Bernice Karn Bernice Karn
t: 416 869 5721
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Laurie LaPalme Laurie LaPalme
t: 416 869 5781
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Mickey Lungu Mickey Lungu
t: 416 642 7459
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Christopher B. Norton Christopher B. Norton
t: 416 869 5701
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Sheldon Plener Sheldon Plener
t: 416 869 5374
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Andrew M. Reback Andrew M. Reback
t: 416 860 2980
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Stephen I. Selznick Stephen I. Selznick
t: 416 860 6883
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Jonathan Sherman Jonathan Sherman
t: 416 869 5409
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Gary Steinhart Gary Steinhart
t: 416 860 2939
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Brenda C. Swick Brenda C. Swick
t: 416 869 5345
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Stéphane Teasdale Stéphane Teasdale
t: 416 869 5460
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Keith Templeton Keith Templeton
t: 403 351 2925
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Ann Watterworth Ann Watterworth
t: 416 869 5484
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Luke Woolford Luke Woolford
t: 416 869 5332
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Related people 2
Steven Kennedy Steven Kennedy
t: 416 869 5977
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A. Chandimal Nicholas A. Chandimal Nicholas
t: 416 860 6750
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Related people 3
Gaurav Anand Gaurav Anand
t: 416 860 6887
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Sean M. Baraich Sean M. Baraich
t: 778 372 6783
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Randall Blom Randall Blom
t: 416 869 5352
Email Randall Blom email
Michael Britton Michael Britton
t: 416 869 5358
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Jonathan J. Chandler Jonathan J. Chandler
t: 604 691 6115
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Sam Chapman Sam Chapman
t: 778 372 7330
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Tiffany Chiu Tiffany Chiu
t: 416 642 7451
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Marco Ciarlariello Marco Ciarlariello
t: 416 869 5334
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Daniel P. Cipollone Daniel P. Cipollone
t: 416 815 4243
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Andrew Dilts Andrew Dilts
t: 778 372 7652
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Lindsay E. Dykstra Lindsay E. Dykstra
t: 416 860 6598
Email Lindsay E. Dykstra email
Noelle Engle-Hardy Noelle Engle-Hardy
t: 416 860 6595
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Rowan Groenewald Rowan Groenewald
t: 416 860 6553
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Stephen Henderson Stephen Henderson
t: 416 860 6773
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Arend J.A. Hoekstra Arend J.A. Hoekstra
t: 604 283 1481
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Pamela Hojilla Pamela Hojilla
t: 416 869 5707
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Tayyaba Khan Tayyaba Khan
t: 416 860 6589
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Heesoo Kim Heesoo Kim
t: 416 642 7457
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Emilie N. Lahaie Emilie N. Lahaie
t: 778 372 7651
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Florence Lau Florence Lau
t: 416 860 6758
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Conrad H. Lee Conrad H. Lee
t: 416 860 6763
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Kelly Lee Kelly Lee
t: 416 642 7458
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Noah Leszcz Noah Leszcz
t: 416 869 5360
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James Lyle James Lyle
t: 416 869 5376
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Christopher W. McLelland Christopher W. McLelland
t: 403 351 2895
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Amanda Metallo Amanda Metallo
t: 416 869 5446
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Jeff Mikelberg Jeff Mikelberg
t: 416 860 6504
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Aimee O'Donnell Aimee O'Donnell
t: 604 691 6116
Email Aimee O'Donnell email
Any Obando Any Obando
t: 416 642 7460
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Jackson Phillips Jackson Phillips
t: 416 642 7447
Email Jackson Phillips email
Chad Podolsky Chad Podolsky
t: 416 869 5456
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Jennifer L. Poirier Jennifer L. Poirier
t: 604 691 6107
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Stefan Politano Stefan Politano
t: 416 869 5350
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Jasmine Qin Jasmine Qin
t: 416 869 5356
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Stephanie Roberts Stephanie Roberts
t: 416 815 4245
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Brittany Schaefer Brittany Schaefer
t: 416 860 6513
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Stefanie Sebanc Stefanie Sebanc
t: 416 869 5405
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Kyle Simpson Kyle Simpson
t: 416 860 6523
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David Singh David Singh
t: 416 869 5410
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Marah S. Smith Marah S. Smith
t: 416 869 5450
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Sam Sokoloff Sam Sokoloff
t: 416 869 5453
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Alykhan Somani Alykhan Somani
t: 416 869 5777
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Jesse Tepperman Jesse Tepperman
t: 416 642 7463
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Law Clerks/ Paralegals



09/18/2019 Jake Bullen Looking at "Family Law Issues and the Private Corporation"  
09/16/2019 Brigeeta Richdale Speaking as Part of the 12th National Congress of Internal Audit - XII CONAI 2019  
07/23/2019 Patience Omokhodion Discussing “Doing Business in Emerging Markets"  
05/28/2019 Jake Bullen Discusses "The Buying Journey: A Purchaser's Perspective" as Part of the Business Transitions Forum  
05/27/2019 Corinne Grigoriu Looked at "Purchase and Sale of a Business" at the Prairie Provinces Tax Conference  
05/09/2019 Suhuyini Abudulai Speaking on “Secured Transaction Essentials for Business Lawyers”  
04/17/2019 Ann Watterworth Presenting "Drafting the Deal: The Purchase and Sale Agreement  
10/29/2018 Brenda C. Swick Discussing “Protect and Promote Your Interests: Internal and International Trade Disputes in the Alcoholic Beverage Industry”  
10/23/2018 Brenda C. Swick Looking at the "Impact of Trade War on Defence Industry"  
10/18/2018 Jeffrey Oliver Discussing "CRA Claims in Insolvency - Canada North and Recent Cases"  
07/17/2018 Michael Osborne Speaking on "Abuse of Dominance in the U.S. and Abroad"  
05/24/2018 Proud Sponsor of the 2018 Lift & Co. Cannabis Business Conference & Expo: Featuring Expert Insights from Jonathan Sherman and James Lyle  
04/26/2018 Ann Watterworth Speaking on "Drafting Indemnity and Limitation of Liability Clauses"  
04/12/2018 Suhuyini Abudulai Speaking at the ABA Business Law Section Spring Meeting  
11/18/2017 Suhuyini Abudulai Discussing "Advancing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion"  
11/17/2017 Suhuyini Abudulai Speaking on Money Laundering, Trade Sanctions and Corruption Risks  
10/23/2017 Len Glickman and David Ward Among Experts Participating in UIA’s 61st Congress  
10/16/2017 Marco Ciarlariello Speaking on "Legal Issues in the Business of Sports"  
10/13/2017 Ann Watterworth Discussing "Keep It or Share It: Confidential and Proprietary Information in Joint Ventures"