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Blog Posts

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Reminder for Employers in Ontario: Police Record Checks Reform Act, 2015 in Force on November 1, 2018

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Ontario Human Rights Commission Posts Q and A on Cannabis and the Human Rights Code

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Ontario Government Announces Indefinite Postponement of New Smoking and Vaping Legislation

Nothing Ambiguous About It - Ontario Court of Appeal Brings Some Clarity to the Interpretation of Termination Clauses

Complainant Allowed to Participate in Wrongful Dismissal Claim of Her Alleged Harasser

Bill C-45 Passes in the Senate, Making Cannabis Legal in Canada

Termination of Benefits Coverage at Age 65 Declared Unconstitutional

Legislation Governing Police Record Checks by Ontario Employers Coming Into Force

Back to the Drawing Board: Ontario Returns to Old Public Holiday Formula

Ontario Passes Pay Transparency Legislation Imposing New Obligations on Employers

If Only It Read "Only" – Ontario Court Nullifies Termination Clause then Proposes a Corrected Version

Court Confirms that Employers Can Impose Changes in Terms of Employment Upon Provision of Reasonable Notice

Ontario Government Introduces Further Protections for Temporary Help Agency Workers

Ontario Court Rules Allegations of Workplace Sexual Harassment are “Not Connected to Employment,” Not Covered by Release

Compliance Alert: Ontario’s Equal Pay for Equal Work Laws in Effect on April 1, 2018

Ontario Introduces Pay Transparency Legislation to Address Wage Gaps

Ontario Court of Appeal Provides Further Guidance on the Enforceability of Termination Provisions...Again

Five New Year’s Resolutions for Ontario Employers

Videocast - Bill 148: Significant Changes on the Horizon for Labour and Employment Laws

Bill 148 Receives Royal Assent, Significantly Altering Labour and Employment Laws in Ontario

Timeline of Bill 148 Amendments to the ESA, 2000

Canada Labour Code to be Amended to Strengthen Provisions on Workplace Harassment

Ontario Government Announces Review of Exemptions under the Employment Standards Act

Bill 148, Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017, Passes Second Reading

New prohibited grounds of discrimination may be added to Ontario’s Human Rights Code

Ontario Labour Relations Board Opens the Door to Franchisee Unionization in the Canada Bread Certification Case

I Want a Second Opinion: When Can Employers Require an Independent Medical Examination?

Changes to Bill 148: More Obligations for Ontario Employers

Human Resources Professionals Association Issues White Paper on Marijuana at Work

A Rare Win for an Employer’s Ability to Drug Test

Changing Workplaces Review: Ontario Government Announces Significant Changes to Labour Relations Act

Changing Workplaces Review: Ontario Government Announces Significant Changes to Employment Standards Act

Changing Workplaces Review: Potential Changes on the Horizon for Ontario’s Employment and Labour Laws

Highlights from Ontario's Changing Workplaces Review

Ontario’s Employment and Labour Legislation Facing Big Changes

Court of Appeal Confirms That Employer’s Failure to Pay $330,000 Bonus Did Not Constitute Constructive Dismissal

Personal Emergency Leave and Bereavement Leave in the Automotive Manufacturing Sector

Guidance From the Ontario Court of Appeal on the Enforceability of Termination Provisions

OHRC Issues Policy Position on Medical Documentation and Disability-Related Accommodation

Supreme Court of Canada Refuses Leave to Appeal in Key Decision Upholding Termination Provision

Ontario Human Rights Commission Issues Updated Policy on Disability Discrimination

Top 10 Employment & Labour Law Cases and Trends in 2016

Ontario to Target Wage Gap