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Chad Accursi Chad Accursi
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Matthew R. Alter Matthew R. Alter
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Jeremy Barretto Jeremy Barretto
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Mark T. Bennett Mark T. Bennett
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Wendy Berman Wendy Berman
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Andre Boivin Andre Boivin
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David Budd David Budd
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Jennifer Campbell Jennifer Campbell
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Gordon R. Chambers Gordon R. Chambers
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Nancy Choi Nancy Choi
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John T.C. Christian John T.C. Christian
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Lindsay Clements Lindsay Clements
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Frank DeLuca Frank DeLuca
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Brian P. Dominique Brian P. Dominique
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Jeff Durno Jeff Durno
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Andrea FitzGerald Andrea FitzGerald
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David Gardos David Gardos
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Deepak Gill Deepak Gill
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Jay Goldman Jay Goldman
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Jen Hansen Jen Hansen
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Gregory Hogan Gregory Hogan
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Alexandra Iliopoulos Alexandra Iliopoulos
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Thomas Isaac Thomas Isaac
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Lara Jackson Lara Jackson
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Tom Kapsales Tom Kapsales
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Shaun Khullar Shaun Khullar
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Jay F. King Jay F. King
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Jamie Litchen Jamie Litchen
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Mickey Lungu Mickey Lungu
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Sean Maniaci Sean Maniaci
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Cathy L. Mercer Cathy L. Mercer
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Cameron A. Mingay Cameron A. Mingay
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Ali Naushahi Ali Naushahi
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Matthew Nied Matthew Nied
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Patience Omokhodion Patience Omokhodion
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Alexander Pizale Alexander Pizale
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Darrell W. Podowski Darrell W. Podowski
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Carla Potter Carla Potter
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David Redford David Redford
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Charles (Chuck) Rich Charles (Chuck) Rich
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Brigeeta Richdale Brigeeta Richdale
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Jeffrey P. Roy Jeffrey P. Roy
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Ken Snider Ken Snider
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Jennifer Traub Jennifer Traub
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Raivo Uukkivi Raivo Uukkivi
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John P. Vettese John P. Vettese
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Jennifer Wasylyk Jennifer Wasylyk
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Ann Watterworth Ann Watterworth
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Luke Woolford Luke Woolford
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John H. Craig John H. Craig
t: 416 869 5756
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Randall Blom Randall Blom
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David Hansford David Hansford
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Arend J.A. Hoekstra Arend J.A. Hoekstra
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Pamela Hojilla Pamela Hojilla
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James Lyle James Lyle
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Jennifer L. Poirier Jennifer L. Poirier
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Stefan Politano Stefan Politano
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Samantha Prest Samantha Prest
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Stefanie Sebanc Stefanie Sebanc
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Kyle Simpson Kyle Simpson
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Marah S. Smith Marah S. Smith
t: 416 869 5450
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Senior Business Advisor


At the Forefront of Mining Law in Canada and Around the World

Cassels Brock has distinguished itself in the vanguard of the mining industry, offering the largest and most experienced dedicated mining group of any major Canadian law firm. We are ranked as Tier 1 for mining law by Chambers Canada, which declares that Cassels Brock is:

“A front-line firm in the mining business.”

We represent a veritable who’s who of mining and natural resources clients, representing two of the five largest North American gold producers as well as the largest Canadian gold producer in Brazil and all of the active investment banks in the sector. We have also become the go-to firm for juniors looking to grow into larger entities or position themselves for acquisition.

Our clients explore, build and operate mineral projects across the globe in gold, silver, copper, nickel, iron ore, uranium, and diamonds. They have engaged us to act on some of the most important deals in recent years involving mining projects in North, Central and South America, Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia.

Each year, we act on more than 100 of the most significant mining corporate finance M&A and corporate finance transactions around the world.

Our lawyers are revered not only for their exceptional proficiency in M&A and corporate finance but also for their contributions to thought leadership in connection with exploration, development, operations and regulatory issues, and are frequently tapped to write and speak on advancements in the industry and to work with prominent business and political leaders on groundbreaking industry matters.

A "Clear Leader" in Mining Law

Noted by the Financial Post as the ‘clear leader in the sector’, our firm and mining law practitioners are regularly cited by respected domestic and international sources, including:

  • Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory – Most Frequently Recommended for Mining Law (highest possible ranking)
  • Lexpert Leading Canadian Lawyers in Global Mining
  • Lexpert/American Lawyer Guide to the Leading 500 Lawyers in Canada
  • Chambers Global Band 1 for Mining Law (highest possible ranking) – “Cassels Brock is acclaimed for its mining practice.”
  • Chambers Latin America – Tier 1 for Mining Law in Canada (highest possible ranking)

“A one-stop shop for mining matters.”

  • Chambers Australia
  • Best Lawyers in Canada – Top-listed in Mining and Natural Resources Law
  • Who’s Who Legal