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Chad Accursi Chad Accursi
t: 416 860 2937
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Jason Arbuck Jason Arbuck
t: 416 860 6889
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Frank P. Arnone Frank P. Arnone
t: 416 860 6895
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Mark T. Bennett Mark T. Bennett
t: 416 869 5407
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Andre Boivin Andre Boivin
t: 416 860 6580
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Jason (Jake) Bullen Jason (Jake) Bullen
t: 416 860 2953
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Gordon R. Chambers Gordon R. Chambers
t: 604 691 6106
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John T.C. Christian John T.C. Christian
t: 604 691 6102
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Noble C. Chummar Noble C. Chummar
t: 416 869 5454
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Lindsay Clements Lindsay Clements
t: 416 869 5491
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Michael C. DeCosimo Michael C. DeCosimo
t: 416 869 5349
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Frank DeLuca Frank DeLuca
t: 416 642 7475
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Brian P. Dominique Brian P. Dominique
t: 416 869 5435
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Andrea FitzGerald Andrea FitzGerald
t: 416 860 6525
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Sherri Fountain Sherri Fountain
t: 403 351 2923
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David Gardos David Gardos
t: 416 869 5951
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Nicola Geary Nicola Geary
t: 416 860 5212
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Deepak Gill Deepak Gill
t: 604 691 6117
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Jay Goldman Jay Goldman
t: 416 860 6474
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Colin Ground Colin Ground
t: 416 860 6742
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Jen Hansen Jen Hansen
t: 604 691 6114
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Josef W. Hocher Josef W. Hocher
t: 403 351 3058
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Gregory Hogan Gregory Hogan
t: 416 860 6554
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Alexandra Iliopoulos Alexandra Iliopoulos
t: 416 860 2909
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Shaun Khullar Shaun Khullar
t: 416 860 6620
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Jay F. King Jay F. King
t: 416 869 5480
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Laurie LaPalme Laurie LaPalme
t: 416 869 5781
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Jamie Litchen Jamie Litchen
t: 416 869 5328
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Mickey Lungu Mickey Lungu
t: 416 642 7459
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Sean Maniaci Sean Maniaci
t: 416 860 6466
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Cathy L. Mercer Cathy L. Mercer
t: 416 869 5772
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Cameron A. Mingay Cameron A. Mingay
t: 416 860 6615
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Ali Naushahi Ali Naushahi
t: 416 869 5731
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Alexander Pizale Alexander Pizale
t: 416 860 6771
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Sheldon Plener Sheldon Plener
t: 416 869 5374
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Darrell W. Podowski Darrell W. Podowski
t: 604 691 6129
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Andrew M. Reback Andrew M. Reback
t: 416 860 2980
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David Redford David Redford
t: 604 691 6125
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Kenton Rein Kenton Rein
t: 403 351 3057
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Douglas Richardson Douglas Richardson
t: 403 351 2659
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Frank Robinson Frank Robinson
t: 416 869 5991
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Jeffrey P. Roy Jeffrey P. Roy
t: 416 860 6616
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Paul M. Stein Paul M. Stein
t: 416 869 5487
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Gary Steinhart Gary Steinhart
t: 416 860 2939
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Keith Templeton Keith Templeton
t: 403 351 2925
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Jennifer Traub Jennifer Traub
t: 604 691 6110
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John P. Vettese John P. Vettese
t: 416 869 5336
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Ann Watterworth Ann Watterworth
t: 416 869 5484
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Luke Woolford Luke Woolford
t: 416 869 5332
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Daniel A. Zuniga Daniel A. Zuniga
t: 403 351 3055
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John H. Craig John H. Craig
t: 416 869 5756
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Michael Britton Michael Britton
t: 416 869 5358
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Daniel P. Cipollone Daniel P. Cipollone
t: 416 815 4243
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Andrew Dilts Andrew Dilts
t: 778 372 7652
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Lindsay E. Dykstra Lindsay E. Dykstra
t: 416 860 6598
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Corinne Grigoriu Corinne Grigoriu
t: 587 441 3068
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Rowan Groenewald Rowan Groenewald
t: 416 860 6553
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Robert Hamilton Robert Hamilton
t: 403 351 3832
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David Hansford David Hansford
t: 778 372 6786
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Pamela Hojilla Pamela Hojilla
t: 416 869 5707
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Tayyaba Khan Tayyaba Khan
t: 416 860 6589
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Brandon Manhas Brandon Manhas
t: 778 372 7841
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Christopher W. McLelland Christopher W. McLelland
t: 403 351 2895
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Amanda Metallo Amanda Metallo
t: 416 869 5446
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Jeff Mikelberg Jeff Mikelberg
t: 416 860 6504
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Chad Podolsky Chad Podolsky
t: 416 869 5456
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Stefan Politano Stefan Politano
t: 416 869 5350
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Kyle Simpson Kyle Simpson
t: 416 860 6523
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Marah S. Smith Marah S. Smith
t: 416 869 5450
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Alykhan Somani Alykhan Somani
t: 416 869 5777
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Mergers & Acquisitions

Cassels Brock carries on a broad and sophisticated mergers and acquisitions practice.

Our lawyers handle a wide range of complex domestic and cross-border transactions, including unsolicited and supported take-over bids as well as business combinations through mergers and plans of arrangement. We also provide counsel in the areas of take-over defence and, increasingly, shareholder activism including requisitioned shareholder meetings and proxy contests.

Our clients include both public and private enterprises in virtually every industry such as resource, insurance, information technology, energy, consumer products, pharmaceutical, aviation, food and beverage, apparel and professional sports. We act for financial buyers, such as private equity and venture capital firms, as well as strategic buyers.

We have been recognized at the Canadian Dealmakers of the Year awards and the firm consistently ranks among the top law firms in the Bloomberg M&A league tables for Canada and globally.

In advising on M&A transactions we draw upon the expertise in our corporate tax, competition, intellectual property, financial services, real estate, government relations and private equity groups to deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to the transaction and our clients' goals.

Our experience includes:

  • Acting for the acquirer on the combination of three public mining companies to create the 7th-largest gold mining company in the world
  • Acting for a large multinational pharmaceutical company on its acquisition of two competitors, creating one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, and the disposition of its non-core businesses
  • Acting for a TSX-listed foreign company in connection with its US$2.7 billion acquisition of an AIM listed company
  • Acting for a Canadian oil and gas company in connection with its $1.9 billion acquisition by a Chinese oil company
  • Acting for a Canadian technology company in connection with its $700 million acquisition by a Canadian pension fund
  • Acting for national sporting goods retailer in connection with its $238 million acquisition by a Canadian Pension Fund
  • Acting for a Canadian food and beverage manufacturer in connection with its $320 million acquisition by a US corporation
  • Acting for a Canadian telecommunications company in a successful defence to an unsolicited take-over bid
  • Acting for a Canadian e-services company in its defence to an unsolicited take-over bid valued at $1.5 billion
  • Acting for the purchaser on the acquisition of the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club and Scotiabank Place in the CCAA restructuring of the Senators and the related arena receivership
  • Acting for a national retail chain with respect to its acquisitions of auto parts retailers across Canada
  • Acting for the US purchaser of the Ivaco Steel companies in a transaction valued at $400 million
  • Acting for several large Canadian-based brand name manufacturers on various acquisitions, including a footwear manufacturer on its multi-jurisdictional acquisition of a major competitor
  • Acting for one of the largest privately held engineering, network development and construction firms in their acquisition of a leading power transmission company
  • Acting for a Canadian ice melting manufacturer and distributor in its purchase of all of the shares of its US competitor