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Matthew R. Alter Matthew R. Alter
t: 416 860 6764
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Wendy Berman Wendy Berman
t: 416 860 2926
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John Birch John Birch
t: 416 860 5225
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Jed Blackburn Jed Blackburn
t: 416 860 6725
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Mary I.A. Buttery, Q.C. Mary I.A. Buttery, Q.C.
t: 604 691 6118
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Robert B. Cohen Robert B. Cohen
t: 416 869 5425
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Ted Frankel Ted Frankel
t: 416 642 7469
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Arthur L. Hamilton Arthur L. Hamilton
t: 416 860 6574
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Peter Henein Peter Henein
t: 416 860 5222
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Stefanie Holland Stefanie Holland
t: 416 860 6467
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Jason M. Holowachuk Jason M. Holowachuk
t: 403 351 3056
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Christopher Horkins Christopher Horkins
t: 416 815 4351
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Marlon Hylton Marlon Hylton
t: 416 860 6456
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Thomas Isaac Thomas Isaac
t: 604 691 6108
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Lara Jackson Lara Jackson
t: 416 860 2907
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Laurie Jessome Laurie Jessome
t: 416 642 7474
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Robert Kligman Robert Kligman
t: 416 869 5463
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Laurie Livingstone Laurie Livingstone
t: 403 351 2894
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Eric Mayzel Eric Mayzel
t: 416 860 6448
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John P. McGowan John P. McGowan
t: 416 869 5780
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Matthew Nied Matthew Nied
t: 604 283 1482
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Jeffrey Oliver Jeffrey Oliver
t: 403 351 2921
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W. Michael G. Osborne W. Michael G. Osborne
t: 416 860 6732
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Colin Pendrith Colin Pendrith
t: 416 860 6765
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John M. Picone John M. Picone
t: 416 640 6041
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Tim Pinos Tim Pinos
t: 416 869 5784
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Brigeeta Richdale Brigeeta Richdale
t: 778 372 7655
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Derek Ronde Derek Ronde
t: 416 869 5428
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Caitlin Russell Caitlin Russell
t: 416 869 5976
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Geoffrey B. Shaw Geoffrey B. Shaw
t: 416 869 5982
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Lorne Silver Lorne Silver
t: 416 869 5490
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Mark St. Cyr Mark St. Cyr
t: 416 869 5462
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Brenda C. Swick Brenda C. Swick
t: 416 869 5345
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David Ward David Ward
t: 416 869 5960
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Related people 2
Bill Burden Bill Burden
t: 416 869 5963
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Erin Craddock Erin Craddock
t: 416 860 6480
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A. Chandimal Nicholas A. Chandimal Nicholas
t: 416 860 6750
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Related people 3
Robyn Blumberg Robyn Blumberg
t: 416 860 6891
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Graham Brown Graham Brown
t: 416 869 5372
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Kate Byers Kate Byers
t: 416 860 6759
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Carly Cohen Carly Cohen
t: 416 869 5368
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Maria Constantine Maria Constantine
t: 416 869 5985
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Stefanie Di Francesco Stefanie Di Francesco
t: 416 860 6578
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Danielle DiPardo Danielle DiPardo
t: 778 372 7333
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Noelle Engle-Hardy Noelle Engle-Hardy
t: 416 860 6595
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Jared Enns Jared Enns
t: 778 372 6787
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Stephanie Garraway Stephanie Garraway
t: 416 860 6440
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Joseph Hamaliuk Joseph Hamaliuk
t: 416 642 7455
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Marisa Keating Marisa Keating
t: 416 860 2978
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David Kelman David Kelman
t: 416 869 5343
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Stephanie Kerzner Stephanie Kerzner
t: 416 860 6571
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Jessica L. Kuredjian Jessica L. Kuredjian
t: 416 815 4251
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Emilie N. Lahaie Emilie N. Lahaie
t: 778 372 7651
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Kristen Lai Kristen Lai
t: 416 860 6441
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Jessica L. Lewis Jessica L. Lewis
t: 778 372 6791
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Jeremy Martin Jeremy Martin
t: 416 860 2929
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Danielle Maréchal Danielle Maréchal
t: 403 351 2922
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Alexandra Murphy Alexandra Murphy
t: 416 869 5388
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Tegan O'Brien Tegan O'Brien
t: 416 869 5346
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Meghan Rourke Meghan Rourke
t: 416 869 5393
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Christopher Selby Christopher Selby
t: 416 860 6737
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Jonathan Shepherd Jonathan Shepherd
t: 416 642 7462
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Rebecca A. Sim Rebecca A. Sim
t: 778 372 6784
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Anna Tombs Anna Tombs
t: 416 860 6563
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Stephanie Voudouris Stephanie Voudouris
t: 416 860 6617
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Jessica Zagar Jessica Zagar
t: 416 869 5449
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Law Clerks/ Paralegals


"They are very committed to advancing the interests of their clients." - Client Testimonial, Chambers Canada

Organizations today face the prospect of costly and time-consuming litigation when a dispute arises; if a company loses its case, its very survival can be at risk.

Companies facing lawsuits need the help of legal experts trained in all aspects of commercial litigation, from contract disputes to defamation. Cassels Brock has recognized expertise in resolving complex legal problems quickly and cost effectively.

Our commercial litigators represent clients at all levels of federal and provincial court including the Ontario Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Canada. Our clients span numerous economic sectors, including educational institutions, financial institutions, government, individuals, insurance companies, manufacturers, retailers, brokerages and franchisors.

Our expertise encompasses all types of commercial litigation, and we pride ourselves on developing inventive and efficient means of resolving our clients’ unique problems. We represent our clients' interests in matters such as:

  • Contract issues, including enforcement and interpretation
  • Negligence actions
  • Defence of class-action suits
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency litigation
  • Intellectual property actions relating to trade-marks, copyright, patents and confidential information
  • Shareholders disputes
  • Aboriginal law
  • Administrative law matters
  • Real estate litigation, including mortgage enforcement actions
  • Defamation actions
  • Securities regulatory and litigation matters
  • Franchise litigation
  • Tax litigation
  • e-Discovery and information governance concerns

Our commercial litigation lawyers have been involved in many prominent and unique cases including:

  • Successfully represented an emerging junior oil & gas company in a $16 million judgment against an investment banking firm for an incomplete bought deal.
  • Winning the dismissal of an appeal by a commercial landlord on behalf of one of Canada's largest coffee and baked goods chains and its franchisee
  • Winning the dismissal of a motion to certify a class action against a university
  • Fending off a shareholder rights action in connection with a merger and acquisition involving a large public company
  • Participating in the negotiation of the settlement of the Indian Residential School class action. Estimated to be worth over $3 billion, it is one of the largest class action settlements in Canadian history
  • Defending a major Canadian actuarial firm in an action alleging the negligent actuarial evaluation of a professional liability insurance program
  • Acting for a widow and the estate of her late husband in extinguishing a debt and a collateral mortgage under a line of credit issued by a financial institution, as a result of the financial institution's improper handling of a line of credit and the life insurance relating to it
  • Obtaining an injunction on behalf of a university that prevented an employee who had defrauded the university from disposing of assets pending a trial of the action
  • Successfully prosecuting an application brought on behalf of the client, a significant preference shareholder in an Ontario corporation, and obtaining a $1.8 million judgment in the client’s favour