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Casey Chisick Casey Chisick
t: 416 869 5403
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Leonard Glickman Leonard Glickman
t: 416 869 5993
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Shane Hardy Shane Hardy
t: 416 869 5384
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Alison Hayman Alison Hayman
t: 416 815 4240
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Peter Henein Peter Henein
t: 416 860 5222
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Stefanie Holland Stefanie Holland
t: 416 860 6467
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Bernice Karn Bernice Karn
t: 416 869 5721
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Eric Mayzel Eric Mayzel
t: 416 860 6448
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Tim Pinos Tim Pinos
t: 416 869 5784
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Frank Robinson Frank Robinson
t: 416 869 5991
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Stephen I. Selznick Stephen I. Selznick
t: 416 860 6883
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Larry M. Weinberg Larry M. Weinberg
t: 416 860 2987
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Steven Kennedy Steven Kennedy
t: 416 869 5977
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A. Chandimal Nicholas A. Chandimal Nicholas
t: 416 860 6750
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Marco Ciarlariello Marco Ciarlariello
t: 416 869 5334
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Lindsay E. Dykstra Lindsay E. Dykstra
t: 416 860 6598
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Noelle Engle-Hardy Noelle Engle-Hardy
t: 416 860 6595
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Stephen Henderson Stephen Henderson
t: 416 860 6773
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Stephanie Roberts Stephanie Roberts
t: 416 815 4245
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Sam Sokoloff Sam Sokoloff
t: 416 869 5453
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Jessica Zagar Jessica Zagar
t: 416 869 5449
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Law Clerks/ Paralegals

Intellectual Property

Our intellectual property lawyers come from a variety of practice areas within the firm who together serve a broad spectrum of clients in the information, communications and entertainment industries.

We advise clients on several areas within intellectual property law, including trademarks, sound marks, patents, copyright and entertainment.


  • Preparation of trademark and sound mark applications
  • Prosecuting applications to registration
  • Trademark and sound mark litigation
  • Trademark and sound mark searches nationally and internationally

Our leading edge, in-house computerized trademark search facilities permit us to identify, without delay, whether a proposed trademark already exists in both Canada and the United States.

We can conduct manual searches in Canada (three to four days or expedited to 48 hours), trademark availability searches in the US, preparation and filing of trademark applications in the US, searches and file applications in virtually any country outside of North America through agents, licensing of trademarks and other intellectual property, and action on behalf of franchisors and franchisees.

Patents & Industrial Designs

  • Patent and industrial design searches in the US & Canada
  • Advice on the prospect of obtaining a patent of an invention
  • Possible infringement of patents and industrial designs
  • Patent and industrial design rights
  • Preparation of documentation relating to commercial transactions involving patents and industrial designs
  • Litigation to enforce patent and industrial design rights


  • Advice on the Canadian Copyright Act and international copyright convention
  • Infringement litigation for individual copyright holders and collectives
  • Draft and review licence arrangements
  • Registering and protection of copyrights for merchandisers


  • Negotiation of recording agreements, publishing agreements and artist management contracts
  • Advice on regulatory applications
  • Advice on production and acquisition of programming the purchase and sale of stations
  • Personnel concerns
  • Libel suits
  • Finance structuring assistance
  • Preparation and review of the necessary production and distribution contracts


  • Advice on the legal risks inherent in innovative marketing campaigns
  • Structuring and administration of promotional contests for legislative compliance