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Hospitality & Tourism

The competitive and dynamic nature of the hospitality and tourism industry creates a diverse set of legal needs covering a range of issues relating to acquisitions, financing, property development and operational matters.

Our clients turn to us because of our established track record in the sector, our demonstrated understanding of their business realities and the practical, cost-effective advice and solutions we provide. They also appreciate our fully-integrated team approach and the ability to access experienced lawyers across all relevant legal disciplines, including real estate, corporate and commercial, finance, municipal, taxation, franchising, intellectual property, advertising and marketing, employment, government relations, corporate governance, restructuring and litigation.

Our hospitality team has represented hotel clients on transactions valued in the billions, including:

  • The proposed US$2.9 billion purchase of a multi-property international hotel portfolio
  • The purchase of a multi-property Canadian hotel portfolio
  • The purchase of two prominent boutique hotels in Toronto’s entertainment district
  • Acquisition financing on behalf of the lender in the purchase of a major downtown Toronto hotel

We are also regularly involved in:

  •  Negotiation of hotel purchase and sale agreements
  • Negotiation of hotel and restaurant management agreements and licenses
  • Domestic and international franchise structures, contracts and franchise law compliance
  • All types of hotel, restaurant and other business financing, on behalf of owners, developers, franchisors, operators and lenders
  • Cross-border corporate and tax structures for non-Canadian franchisors and managers
  • Real estate development and commercial leasing
  • Food and beverage regulation and management
  • Prosecution and protection of trade-marks
  • Competition law issues related to advertising and promotional campaigns
  • Dispute resolution and litigation
  • Municipal issues, including zoning and property tax issues
  • Reorganizations and restructurings