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Government Relations

For organizations to succeed in today's environment, it is critical to understand how governments work and to have access to decision-makers at all levels. Therefore, having an advocate who can deal effectively with government is just smart business.

Take, for instance, the sphere of public-private partnerships. For both public institutions and private entities, navigating the world of public-private partnerships can be complex and rife with uncertainty. A well-informed strategy and access to key decision-makers can be crucial to establishing mutually beneficial relationships.

That’s precisely what we aim to achieve. Led by the former Premier of Ontario, David Peterson, the lawyers in the Government Relations Group are singularly well-qualified to help clients on both the public and private sides of the equation.

Our practitioners in this area have acted for a range of clients, including all levels of government (including ministries, boards, agencies and commissions), government corporations, public service organizations, financial institutions, educational institutions, real estate developers, and public and private corporations from virtually every industry sector (including energy, education, pharmaceutical and insurance).

Specializing in establishing direction and developing strategy as well as providing the support, guidance and advice necessary for their successful execution, our professionals have the connections, experience and strategic know-how to guide clients through bureaucracies to achieve results that matter.

The members of our group also monitor the status of government grant programs for business at the Federal and Provincial levels and proactively advise our clients about the sources of funding that may be available to them.  We have also developed considerable expertise in the complex application processes and are available to offer guidance and assistance, as necessary.

Lawyers in our Government Relations Group draw on the legal and industry expertise and experience of colleagues throughout the firm to build a team that can provide clients with advice specific to their particular situation. This could include practitioners specializing in everything from corporate law and securities, to health law, municipal law and litigation.

Our Expertise:

Because we are intimately familiar with the inner workings of municipal, regional, provincial and federal governments, we can assist clients with a wide array of matters, such as:

  • Public-private partnerships
  • Public policy advice and consultation
  • Government procurement contracts
  • Legislative reform
  • Public and private health care issues
  • Tax matters
  • Transportation matters
  • Public and private infrastructure issues
  • Tribunal hearings
  • Licensing matters

Our lawyers have been involved in a broad range of government relations matters – both behind the scenes and in the public eye – including:

  • Providing public policy advice and consultation while acting as mediator during a dispute between native protesters, government officials and land developers over a piece of property in southwestern Ontario
  • Consulting with various provincial ministries regarding the drafting and implementation of new legislation
  • Acting on behalf of a corporation that resulted from the public-private partnership between a provincial government, one of its ministries and the private sector
  • Acting on behalf of the provincial ministry on the restructuring of a regional transit system
  • Representing the provincial government during the restructuring of the electricity market in Ontario