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Matthew R. Alter Matthew R. Alter
t: 416 860 6764
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Wendy Berman Wendy Berman
t: 416 860 2926
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John Birch John Birch
t: 416 860 5225
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Jed Blackburn Jed Blackburn
t: 416 860 6725
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Mary Buttery Mary Buttery
t: 604 691 6118
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Robert B. Cohen Robert B. Cohen
t: 416 869 5425
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Ted Frankel Ted Frankel
t: 416 642 7469
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Arthur L. Hamilton Arthur L. Hamilton
t: 416 860 6574
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Peter Henein Peter Henein
t: 416 860 5222
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Stefanie Holland Stefanie Holland
t: 416 860 6467
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Jason M. Holowachuk Jason M. Holowachuk
t: 403 351 3056
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Marlon Hylton Marlon Hylton
t: 416 860 6456
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Thomas Isaac Thomas Isaac
t: 604 691 6108
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Lara Jackson Lara Jackson
t: 416 860 2907
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Laurie Jessome Laurie Jessome
t: 416 642 7474
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Robert Kligman Robert Kligman
t: 416 869 5463
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Linda I. Knol Linda I. Knol
t: 416 860 6614
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Eric Mayzel Eric Mayzel
t: 416 860 6448
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John P. McGowan John P. McGowan
t: 416 869 5780
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Jeffrey Oliver Jeffrey Oliver
t: 403 351 2921
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W. Michael G. Osborne W. Michael G. Osborne
t: 416 860 6732
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S. John Page S. John Page
t: 416 869 5481
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Colin Pendrith Colin Pendrith
t: 416 860 6765
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Tim Pinos Tim Pinos
t: 416 869 5784
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Brigeeta C. Richdale Brigeeta C. Richdale
t: 778 372 7655
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Todd Robinson Todd Robinson
t: 416 860 6506
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Derek Ronde Derek Ronde
t: 416 869 5428
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Geoffrey B. Shaw Geoffrey B. Shaw
t: 416 869 5982
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Lorne Silver Lorne Silver
t: 416 869 5490
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Brenda C. Swick Brenda C. Swick
t: 416 869 5345
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David Ward David Ward
t: 416 869 5960
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Related people 3
Robyn Blumberg Robyn Blumberg
t: 416 860 6891
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Graham Brown Graham Brown
t: 416 869 5372
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Kate Byers Kate Byers
t: 416 860 6759
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Carly Cohen Carly Cohen
t: 416 869 5368
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Maria Constantine Maria Constantine
t: 416 869 5985
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Danielle DiPardo Danielle DiPardo
t: 778 372 7333
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Noelle Engle-Hardy Noelle Engle-Hardy
t: 416 860 6595
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Jared Enns Jared Enns
t: 778 372 6787
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Christopher Horkins Christopher Horkins
t: 416 815 4351
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David Kelman David Kelman
t: 416 869 5343
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Stephanie Kerzner Stephanie Kerzner
t: 416 860 6571
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Emilie N. Lahaie Emilie N. Lahaie
t: 778 372 7651
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Kristen Lai Kristen Lai
t: 416 860 6441
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Jessica L. Lewis Jessica L. Lewis
t: 778 372 6791
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Jeremy Martin Jeremy Martin
t: 416 860 2929
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Danielle Maréchal Danielle Maréchal
t: 403 351 2922
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Alexandra Murphy Alexandra Murphy
t: 416 869 5388
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A. Chandimal Nicholas A. Chandimal Nicholas
t: 416 860 6750
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Matthew Nied Matthew Nied
t: 604 283 1482
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Tegan O'Brien Tegan O'Brien
t: 416 869 5346
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John M. Picone John M. Picone
t: 416 640 6041
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Meghan Rourke Meghan Rourke
t: 416 869 5393
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Caitlin Russell Caitlin Russell
t: 416 869 5976
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Lindsay Rydl Lindsay Rydl
t: 403 351 2661
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Christopher Selby Christopher Selby
t: 416 860 6737
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Mark St. Cyr Mark St. Cyr
t: 416 869 5462
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Stephanie Voudouris Stephanie Voudouris
t: 416 860 6617
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Jessica Zagar Jessica Zagar
t: 416 869 5449
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Law Clerks/ Paralegals


Recent Work

Cassels Brock Wins Appeal at the Ontario Hockey Federation 2018
Connacher Oil and Gas Limited Announces Creditor and Court Approval of Restructuring 2018
Cassels Brock Wins Appeal Which Restores Important Principle of Employment Law 2018
Tangelo Games Corp. and GoGel Holdings Inc. Complete Plan of Arrangement 2018
Cassels Brock Defeats Oppression Application Alleging Constructive Dismissal 2018
Canopy Growth Completes $540 Million Acquisition of Hiku Brands 2018
Cassels Brock Successfully Quashes Application for Judicial Review Seeking Mandamus 2018
Cassels Brock Successfully Defends Application Against Dairy Queen Canada Inc. 2018
Cassels Brock Represents the Province of Prince Edward Island in Judicial Review Application Regarding the Disposal of Crown Land Subject to Asserted Aboriginal Title 2018
Cassels Brock Successfully Represents the City of Brampton at the Court of Appeal on the Interpretation of a Historical Subdivision Agreement and Upholding a Costs Award 2018
Divisional Court Affirms that Judicial Review Requires Exercise of a Public Power 2018
Banro Corporation Announces Effectiveness of its Recapitalization Plan and Emergence from CCAA 2018
Cassels Brock Blocks Class Action Intervenors at the Ontario Court of Appeal 2018
Cassels Brock Succeeds in Striking Claims Against Parent Companies 2018
Hecla Mining Company Announces US$462 Million Acquisition of Klondex Mines Ltd. 2018
Raibex Decision: Cassels Brock Succeeds for Franchisor in Important Appeal 2018
Cassels Brock Defends Summary Trial Victory on Behalf of Dairy Queen Canada, Inc. in the Court of Appeal for British Columbia 2017
Ontario Court Denies Motion to Add Bank to $1 Billion Foreign Exchange Price Fixing Class Action 2017
U.S. Concrete, Inc. Completes $310 Million Acquisition of Polaris Materials Corporation 2017
Supreme Court of Canada Grants Leave to Appeal in Redwater 2017
Cassels Brock Successfully Defeats Application for Judicial Review of RFQ Process for the Lakeshore East – East Corridor Expansion Project 2017
Canopy Growth Solidifies New Brunswick Expansion Strategy with the Acquisition of Spot Therapeutics Inc. 2017
Cassels Brock Successful on Appeal in Overturning Trial Decision Based on an Unwritten Guarantee 2017
Cassels Brock Successfully Defends Appeal Regarding Town of Caledon’s Legal Right to Ownership of Parklands 2017
Stonegate Agricom Ltd. and Itafos Announce Completion of Arrangement 2017
Cassels Brock Successful in Appeal Regarding Town Official Plan and Zoning By-Laws 2017
Integra Gold and Eldorado Gold Complete $590 Million Plan of Arrangement 2017
Cassels Brock Successful in Setting Aside Ex Parte Order Affecting Its Procedural and Substantive Rights 2017
Cassels Brock Successfully Defends Application for Judicial Review and Constitutional Challenge on Behalf of the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada 2017
Cassels Brock Successfully Defends Redwater Decision on Appeal 2017
Cassels Brock Litigators Successfully Dismiss Action Against Clients for Lack of Jurisdiction 2017
Cassels Brock Successful in Stay Motion as Federal Court Enforces Arbitration Clause 2017
Cassels Brock Litigators Tim Pinos, Ted Frankel and Colin Pendrith Defeat Application for Leave to Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada, Confirming Dismissal of $25 Million Claim Against Toyota Canada Inc. 2017
Cassels Brock Wins Summary Trial on Behalf of Franchisor Dairy Queen Canada, Inc. 2017
VersaPay Corporation Completes Sale of Merchant Services Business 2017
Kirkland Lake Gold Inc. and Newmarket Gold Inc. Complete $1 Billion Business Combination 2016
Cassels Brock Successful on Appeal, as Yukon Court Rejects US$2.3 Billion Plan of Arrangement 2016
Aberdeen International Negotiates Settlement in Proxy Contest 2015