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Stephen Selznick Quoted on Tax Credit for TV Talk Shows

Publish: 10/13/2016

Stephen Selznick was recently quoted by cbc.ca in an article titled "Trudeau Government OK's Tax Credit for TV Talk Shows" concerning a Federal Order-in-Council enacted at the end of September which addresses the controversial topic of Canadian talk shows now qualifying as eligible for the domestic Canadian Film and Video Production Tax Credit, despite a recommendation by the Canadian Audio-Visual Communications Office that talk shows remain excluded from tax credit purposes.

The government praises the decision as a move that will create jobs.

Writes Elizabeth Thompson: "The move could also benefit television production companies in the rest of Canada where  talk shows, up until now, have been largely produced in house by television networks."

Says Stephen, "It would give those [shows] an opportunity to develop in Canada and be financed - so that is a positive step for the Canadian production community." He also notes that it will be interesting to see whether provincial governments follow the federal governments follow the federal government's lead and change their own rules to allow talk shows to be eligible for their programs.

Read the full article here.