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Jake Bullen & Stephen Selznick Discuss Innovation in a Complex Regulatory Environment in Plant Magazine

Publish: 02/15/2017

Partners Jake Bullen and Stephen Selznick have co-authored an article titled "Leverage Legal Issues: Innovating in a Complex Regulatory Environment," published by Plant Magazine.

Write Jake and Stephen: "Manufacturers must innovate and adapt to succeed in today's highly competitive global marketplace. Effectively managing the inevitable legal issues will enhance productivity and value, while minimizing risk and litigation expenses."

The authors go on to explore examples, including the Internet of Things (IoT) and remind companies that protecting your advantage often falls to protecting your Intellectual Property.

They conclude: "With the shift to advanced manufacturing techniques and processes, companies that want to compete globally are focusing more on innovation. Success is worth protecting through proper legal safeguards."

Read the full article on page 21 of the January/February issue of Plant Magazine.