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Experts for Getting the Deal Through in Class Actions: Wendy Berman and Geoff Shaw

Publish: 01/31/2018

Partners Wendy Berman and Geoff Shaw recently contributed to "Getting the Deal Through - Class Actions 2018," a reference for class actions that covers 17 jurisdictions worldwide. In the series "Getting the Deal Through," leading practitioners answer a set of key questions to complete their chapter of the publication.

The Class Actions edition covers various topics, including: court systems, the attitude of lawmakers and the judiciary, the legal basis for class actions, the types of claims that may be filed as class actions, the relief that may be sought in class proceedings, consolidation, initiation, the standing requirements for a class action, opt-in and opt-out procedures, filing requirements, qualifications, discovery, settlements, reviews, the role regulators play in connection to class actions, arbitration, fees, costs and third-party funding.

To download a PDF copy of this chapter on Class Actions in Canada, please click here.