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Cassels Brock Expands its Automated Contract Analysis Capability with Adoption of Kira

Publish: 11/01/2017

On November 1, 2017, Cassels Brock announced the addition of the machine-learning contract analysis solution Kira to their suite of innovative technologies. The adoption of Kira supports their ongoing commitment to continuously adapt and improve both the quality and timeliness of their legal advice and client service.

Kira Systems' award-winning software uses machine learning technology to automate the extraction and analysis of key provisions from both structured and unstructured contracts, accelerating and improving the accuracy of due diligence, deal points studies, general contract reviews, regulatory compliance, and more.

"Adopting Kira is the latest example of our innovative approach to legal service delivery," remarks Mark Young, Co-Managing Partner. "With this addition to our toolkit, we will be able to more effectively and efficiently process and manage due diligence and other contract analysis on even the most complex or paper-intensive matters, without putting accuracy at risk."

Kira will be used by Cassels Brock on commercial transactions that have a due diligence or contract analysis component, with a particular focus on financing transactions and mergers and acquisitions. It will also be used, on behalf of their clients, to manage and analyze contract, royalty, and lease portfolios (for example, preparing summaries, tracking renewal and notice provisions, and identifying non-conforming provisions).

"We are thrilled to have been chosen as part of the innovative practice of Cassels Brock in Canada and we look forward to hearing more as the firm incorporates Kira into their ongoing services for clients," says Daniel Von Weihe, Vice President of Sales & Customer Success at Kira Systems.

Tilly Gray, Director of Practice Excellence – Practice Support, leads the procurement and deployment of leading edge technology to improve client service and support professionals within the firm. She notes that "Changing the way that certain routine and repetitive tasks are handled allows our lawyers to focus on more challenging work, improving their development and future success, while at the same time driving greater efficiencies for the benefit of our clients."

To learn more about Kira, visit www.kirasystems.com.