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Will the OSC Whistle-blower Program Change the Game or Just Get Played?

Published: 07/14/2016

By Wendy Berman, Lara Jackson

An opinion piece on Ontario's new Office of the Whistleblower by Wendy Berman and Lara Jackson - titled "Will the OSC Whistle-blower Program Change the Game, or Just Get Played?" - has been published by The Globe & Mail:

"The recently announced program mimics the regime established by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission several years ago, and will pay out substantial awards for credible, actionable, original information that leads to convictions and/or the recovery of funds from wrongdoing in Canadian capital markets."

However, "the OSC program is not without criticism and concern from public companies and their advisers," note the authors, who go on to explore the possible risks of the program in this article.

Read the full article here.