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Sweeping Reforms Proposed to Federal Assessments, Energy and Waterway Regulation

Aboriginal,  Energy & Utilities,  Mining,  Municipal, Planning & Environmental

February 20, 2018
CSA Members Set Terms and Conditions for Crypto-Based Investment Fund Managers

Business,  Emerging Companies & Technology,  Financial Services,  Securities

February 12, 2018
Franchise Law e-COMMUNIQUÉ - February 2018
It’s That Time Of Year Again! Does Your Canadian Franchise Disclosure Document Need Annual Updating?
Ontario Government Makes Changes to Ontario’s Franchise Legislation
An AllStar Decision for Franchisors: Court of Appeal Restores Clarity and Commercial Sense to Disclosure Obligations in Long Awaited Raibex Appeal Decision
Fast and Furious: Recent Canadian Legislation Changes That May Affect Franchisors and Franchisees
Sweet Relief: British Columbia Court of Appeal Upholds Mutual Cancellation and Release Agreement Between Franchisor and Franchisee
Arbitration Frustration: Narrowly Drafted ADR Clause Prevents Franchisor from Arbitrating Against Individual Franchisee Operators
“Wave” The Deposit Goodbye: Franchisor Escapes Vicarious Liability After Franchisee Deposit Disappears
Substance Over Form: The Ontario Court of Appeal Provides Guidance on Wishart Act Damages
Ring the Alarm: Ontario Court Dismisses Franchisee Motion for Partial Summary Judgment
Alberta Court Upholds Franchisee’s Obligation to Pay Fees Accrued During Overholding Period
Ontario Court Weighs In On Franchise Disclosure and Rescission
What We’re Up To: Winter and Spring 2018


February 08, 2018
Credibility Issues and Lack of Clear Record Lead to Rejection of Reasonable Investigation Defence as a Bar to Leave in Secondary Market Securities Class Action

Securities Litigation

February 08, 2018
Not Enough to File and Smile: BC Supreme Court Refuses to Certify Class Proceeding, Confirms That Low Bar Does Not Mean No Bar

Competition, Antitrust & Foreign Investment,  Litigation,  White Collar Crime & Regulatory Response

February 05, 2018
Not Home Free Yet: Financial Institution Faces New Lawsuit Despite Creative Comprehensive Global Settlement for Disclosure Violations

Securities,  Securities Litigation

February 05, 2018
Product Liability e-COMMUNIQUÉ - February 2018
“Take This Implied Warranty With A Grain of Sand”: Different Results in Contract and Tort Claims Over Defective Septic System Filter Sand
Sometimes, All You Have To Do Is Care: The Ontario Court of Appeal Considers the Standard of Care in The Context of Contractual Duties and Industry Practice
Quarterbacking a Crisis
What We’re Up To

Product Liability

February 01, 2018
An AllStar Decision for Franchisors: Court of Appeal Restores Clarity and Commercial Sense to Disclosure Obligations in Long Awaited Raibex Appeal Decision


January 25, 2018
Proposed Changes to Ontario's Gift Card Rules

Financial Services

January 22, 2018
Significant Changes to Alberta’s Consumer Protection Legislation

Financial Services

January 22, 2018
Ontario’s Construction Act: The Construction Industry’s New Reality

Construction,  Land Development

January 15, 2018
New Door-to-Door Contract Restrictions in Ontario

Financial Services

January 11, 2018
Implementing UNDRIP in Canada: Challenges with Bill C-262

Aboriginal,  Government Relations,  Mining

January 08, 2018
Lessons Learned - Lesson One Supplement Two: Get the Name Right on the Financing Statement

Automotive,  Equipment & Asset Financing,  Financial Services

December 12, 2017
Ontario Municipal Board Reform Update: Royal Assent Imminent, Proposed Regulations Summary Posted

Land Development,  Municipal, Planning & Environmental,  Real Estate & Development

December 11, 2017
The Need for Forthright Consultation: First Nation of Nacho Nyak Dun

Aboriginal,  Government Relations,  Mining

December 04, 2017
Bill 148 Receives Royal Assent, Significantly Altering Labour and Employment Laws in Ontario

Employment & Labour

November 28, 2017
No New Duty, No Negligence: Ontario Court Dismisses Class Action Certification Motion Against Underwriters

Securities Litigation

November 09, 2017
Facilitating the End of Facilitation Payments

Securities Litigation,  White Collar Crime & Regulatory Response

November 07, 2017
Draft Ministry Guide to Cultural Heritage Resources Released: How It Impacts You

Land Development,  Municipal, Planning & Environmental,  Real Estate & Development

November 07, 2017
Product Liability e-COMMUNIQUÉ - November 2017
Product Liability 101: What You Need To Know
Consumer Protection in Product Liability Claims
The Relationship Between Regulation and Litigation
Is Canada Losing Ground In The Autonomous Vehicle Industry?
BC Court Toasts Vicarious Liability Claim for “Defective Sandwich”
It Had to Be You: A Primer on the Law of Misnomer

Cannabis,  Product Liability

November 06, 2017
Adequate Consultation Confirmed by the Supreme Court of Canada: Ktunaxa Nation

Aboriginal,  Government Relations,  Mining

November 03, 2017
CompuFinder Redux – CRTC Reconsiders $1.1 million Administrative Monetary Penalty

Business,  Financial Services,  Litigation,  Privacy

November 01, 2017
Franchise Law e-COMMUNIQUÉ - October 2017
Mendoza v. Active Tire: Ontario Court of Appeal Tightens Law On Franchisor Disclosure Requirements
Oh Snap!: Franchisors May Be Liable for Human Rights Complaints Initiated By Employees of Franchisees in British Columbia
A Fixed Term of Forever: The Supreme Court of Canada Rules on the Validity of Perpetual Renewal Clauses in Quebec
The Supreme Court of Canada Dismisses Franchisee Attempt To Avoid Guaranty Obligations
BC Court Toasts Claim Against Franchisor for “Defective Sandwich”
Good Faith, Early Termination and Vendor Rebates All At Issue in the Target Canada CCAA Proceeding
Ontario Government Introduces Proposed Amendments to Franchise Legislation
A Bigger Slice of Post-Judgment Interest: Ontario Court Upholds Franchise Agreement Provision Entitling Franchisor To Higher Interest
Quebec Court Rejects Franchisor’s Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act Proposal
The Cost of Doing “Biznex”: Quebec Superior Court Rules on Contractual Clarity During Negotiations
The Ontario Labour Relations Board Opens the Door to Franchisee Unionization in the Canada Bread Certification Case
What We're Up To - Fall and Winter 2018


October 17, 2017
Canadian Securities Litigation Outlook 2017: Trends to Watch for Capital Markets Participants

Litigation,  Securities Litigation

October 17, 2017

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