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04/11/2014 The British Columbia Law Institute Recommends Franchise Legislation In That Province
04/10/2014 Digital Privacy Act – Everything Old Is New Again
04/09/2014 Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks – Changes to the Canada Small Business Financing Regulations
03/03/2014 Ontario Introduces Legislation Requiring Food Service Chains to Post Caloric Information
02/19/2014 Franchise Law e-COMMUNIQUÉ - February 2014
  1. It’s That Time of Year: Does Your Canadian Franchise Disclosure Document Need Updating?
  2. The Clock is Ticking: Are You Out of Time to Arbitrate?
  3. Quebec Personal Injury Case Has Implications for Franchisors
  4. Franchisor’s Failure to Respond to Request to Admit Results in Pre-trial Award of Rescission Damages
  5. Is the Release Language in Your Franchise Agreement Enforceable?
  6. What We’re Up To (Winter/Spring 2014)
02/12/2014 Individual Guarantors in Alberta: Trap for the Unwary and Extra Cost
12/18/2013 Top Ten Canadian Franchise Law Cases and Developments of 2013
12/05/2013 Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation Coming Into Force in 2014: Are You Ready?
11/01/2013 AODA: What’s Next for Ontario Employers?
10/15/2013 Franchise Law e-COMMUNIQUE - October 2013
  1. Ontario To Introduce Calorie Labelling On Restaurant Menus
  2. Ontario Superior Court of Justice Enforces Non-Competition Covenant Against Former Franchisee, Her Spouse, and Their Corporate Alter Ego
  3. Ontario Court Rules There Is No “Material Change” Where The Franchisee Had Knowledge Of Changes
  4. Alberta Court Reminds Franchisors of the Importance of a Properly-Signed Disclosure Certificate
  5. Ontario Court Grants Statutory Rescission For Multiple Disclosure Failures
  6. Midas Franchisee Class Action Settled; Court Comments on “Development” in Jurisprudence Regarding Fair Dealing Claims
  7. What We’re Up To (Fall/Winter 2013)
04/04/2013 Franchise Law e-COMMUNIQUE - April 2013
  1. It’s That Time of Year: Does Your Canadian Franchise Disclosure Document Need Updating?
  2. Ontario Court of Appeal upholds Tim Horton’s Summary Judgment Decision
  3. Ontario Court of Appeal Upholds Lower Court Decision on Franchisee Right of First Refusal
  4. Ontario Court Denies Franchisee Injunction, Confirms That Duty of Good Faith Does Not Create New, Non-Contractual Rights
  5. Ontario Court Strikes Several Franchisee Claims in Shoppers Drug Mart Class Proceeding
  6. What We’re Up To (Winter and Spring 2013)
02/22/2013 Proposed Amendments to the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act Will Have a Significant Impact on Canadian Companies Doing Business Abroad
12/11/2012 Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: Summary Judgment Decision Dismissing Tim Horton’s Class Action Upheld on Appeal
10/02/2012 Franchise Law e-COMMUNIQUE - October 2012
  1. Manitoba’s Franchises Act: In Force on October 1, 2012
  2. Ontario Court Rejects Claim That Distributor was a Franchisor’s Associate
  3. Ontario Court Rules Automotive Dealership may not be a Franchise Under Ontario Franchise Legislation
  4. Deficient Delivery of Disclosure Document is not Enough to Trigger a Franchisee’s Two-Year Right of Rescission
  5. Alberta Court Addresses Franchisee Renewal Rights
  6. What We’re Up To (Fall and Winter 2012/13)
07/12/2012 Franchise Law e-COMMUNIQUE - July 2012
  1. Manitoba’s Franchises Act: There Is Still Time to Update Your Disclosure Document!
  2. Cassels Brock Successfully Resists Appeal Regarding Wishart Act Limitation Period at Ontario Court of Appeal
  3. Ontario Court of Appeal Confirms Limitation Period for Rescission Actions Under Ontario’s Franchise Legislation
  4. Repositioning Your Business for Change: The Sale Process
  5. What We’re Up To (Summer and Fall 2012)
06/20/2012 Copyright Reform Update: Bill C-11 is Passed by the House of Commons and Heads to the Senate
05/17/2012 Franchise Law e-COMMUNIQUÉ – May 2012
  1. Manitoba’s Franchises Act: Are You Ready?
  2. Practical Considerations for Dealing With Financially Troubled Canadian Franchisees
  3. “Read It and Weep!” - Is Restaurant Calorie Disclosure an Effective Behaviour Modification Tool?
  4. Repositioning Your Business For Change: The Pre-Sale Process
  5. Roll Out the Changes to Win: Court Grants Summary Judgment to Tim Hortons in Proposed Class Action
  6. What We’re Up To (Spring/Summer 2012)