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10/17/2017 Franchise Law e-COMMUNIQUÉ - October 2017
  1. Mendoza v. Active Tire: Ontario Court of Appeal Tightens Law On Franchisor Disclosure Requirements
  2. Oh Snap!: Franchisors May Be Liable for Human Rights Complaints Initiated By Employees of Franchisees in British Columbia
  3. A Fixed Term of Forever: The Supreme Court of Canada Rules on the Validity of Perpetual Renewal Clauses in Quebec
  4. The Supreme Court of Canada Dismisses Franchisee Attempt To Avoid Guaranty Obligations
  5. BC Court Toasts Claim Against Franchisor for “Defective Sandwich”
  6. Good Faith, Early Termination and Vendor Rebates All At Issue in the Target Canada CCAA Proceeding
  7. Ontario Government Introduces Proposed Amendments to Franchise Legislation
  8. A Bigger Slice of Post-Judgment Interest: Ontario Court Upholds Franchise Agreement Provision Entitling Franchisor To Higher Interest
  9. Quebec Court Rejects Franchisor’s Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act Proposal
  10. The Cost of Doing “Biznex”: Quebec Superior Court Rules on Contractual Clarity During Negotiations
  11. The Ontario Labour Relations Board Opens the Door to Franchisee Unionization in the Canada Bread Certification Case
  12. What We're Up To - Fall and Winter 2018
10/13/2017 The Ontario Labour Relations Board Opens the Door to Franchisee Unionization in the Canada Bread Certification Case
10/02/2017 Ontario Government Introduces Proposed Amendments to its Franchise Legislation
06/30/2017 Supreme Court of Canada Upholds BC Decision to Grant Worldwide De-Indexing Order Against Google
05/31/2017 Ontario Government Announces Sweeping Employment & Labour Law Changes
05/24/2017 Final Report Issued by Ontario's Changing Workplaces Review – Good and Bad News for Franchising
05/04/2017 Franchise Law e-COMMUNIQUÉ - May 2017
  1. Reason to be Crabby? Ontario Court Grants Partial Summary Judgment Against Franchisor, but Makes Interesting Finding on Lease Disclosure as Grounds for Rescission
  2. International Update: Proposed Franchise Legislation in Saudi Arabia
  3. Ontario Court of Appeal Upholds Collection of Amounts Owed by Franchisee Under Guaranty
  4. Just Desserts: British Columbia Finds in Favour of Franchisor in Termination Case
  5. Alberta Court Puts Brakes on Franchisee Rescission Action
  6. What We’re Up To - Spring 2017
01/27/2017 Franchise Law e-COMMUNIQUÉ - January 2017
  1. Are You Ready for British Columbia’s New Franchise Law? Does Your Canadian Franchise Disclosure Document Need Annual Updating?
  2. Introducing Our Newest Partner, Stéphane Teasdale
  3. The Countdown is Over: Ontario’s Healthy Menu Choices Act is in Force
  4. Licence to Pill: Québec Superior Court Rules On Pharmacist-Franchisee Royalty Issue
  5. Ontario Court Upholds Franchisee’s Obligation to Pay Percentage Rent
  6. The End of A Saab Story?: The Ontario Court of Appeal Upholds Lower Court Decision on Jurisdiction Over a Franchise Dispute
  7. Ontario Court Examines What Constitutes a Franchise Relationship Under the Wishart Act
  8. Court Rejects Plaintiff’s Plan for a Partial Summary Judgment Motion in Franchise Class Proceeding
  9. Franchisee Ordered to Pay ‘Dough’ to Pizza Franchisor for Outstanding Royalties
  10. What We’re Up To (Winter 2016/2017)
11/28/2016 Franchise Law e-COMMUNIQUÉ - November 2016
  1. British Columbia’s Franchises Act: New Disclosure Requirements
  2. Just Not Ready? Raibex Decision Makes Post-Agreement Location Selection a Fatal Error
  3. Ontario Court Focuses on Franchisee’s Ability To Make An “Informed Decision” In Denying Rescission Claim
  4. Never-Ending Saab Stories: The Ontario Superior Court of Justice Revisits Jurisdictional Issues for International Franchisors
  5. Back to the Future: Ontario Courts Decline To Uphold Tenant’s Interpretation of a 25 Year Old Restrictive Covenant In Lease
  6. Delivered From Liability: Ontario Human Rights Tribunal Finds Franchisor Not Vicariously Liable for Acts of Franchisee
  7. Ontario Human Rights Tribunal Denies Claim By Franchisee Against Franchisor
  8. Supreme Court of Canada Delivers the Final Word on Pet Valu Class Action
  9. The Table Is Set: Ontario’s Healthy Menu Choices Act Regulations
  10. Cassels Brock Contributes To Response To The Ontario Government’s Changing Workplaces Review Interim Report
  11. What We’re Up To (Fall and Winter 2016/2017)
10/06/2016 British Columbia Releases Regulations for Franchises Act
10/06/2016 Supreme Court of Canada Delivers the Final Word on Pet Valu Class Action
09/29/2016 Ontario Court Imposes New Disclosure Requirement Prohibiting the Common Practice of Determining Location After Signing a Franchise Agreement
08/12/2016 ‘Changing Workplaces Review' Interim Report May Have Significant Implications for Franchisors and Franchisees
06/17/2016 Ontario to Permit Electronic Delivery of Franchise Disclosure Documents Starting July 1, 2016
04/13/2016 Franchise Law e-COMMUNIQUÉ - April 2016
  1. Ontario Releases Regulation under Healthy Menu Choices Act, and Franchisors Are At Risk!
  2. Alberta Government Canvasses Input on Franchise Disclosure Financial Statement Exemption Requirement
  3. Ontario Court of Appeal Shakes Up The Issue of Restrictive Covenant Enforceability
02/19/2016 Franchise Law e-COMMUNIQUÉ - February 2016
  1. A New Year or New Fiscal Year - Your Canadian Franchise Disclosure Document Needs Updating!
  2. Court of Appeal Dismisses Pet Valu Class Action and Puts a Leash on the Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing
  3. Update: “Saab Story” Has A Plot Twist: Ontario Court of Appeal Overturns Dealer Litigation Jurisdiction Ruling Due To Reasonable Apprehension of Bias
  4. Franchisee’s Summary Judgment Motion Spoiled After Court Finds Spoliation of Evidence
  5. Dakin Care of Business: What Not To Do When Managing Franchise Transfers and Disclosure
  6. What We’re Up To (Spring and Summer 2016)
01/15/2016 Court of Appeal Dismisses Pet Valu Class Action and Puts a Leash on the Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing
04/10/2014 Digital Privacy Act – Everything Old Is New Again
02/22/2013 Proposed Amendments to the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act Will Have a Significant Impact on Canadian Companies Doing Business Abroad