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In Writing

11/28/2017 Bill 148 Receives Royal Assent, Significantly Altering Labour and Employment Laws in Ontario
10/03/2017 I Want a Second Opinion: When Can Employers Require an Independent Medical Examination?
09/21/2017 Changes to Bill 148: More Obligations for Ontario Employers
05/26/2017 Potential Changes on the Horizon for Ontario’s Employment and Labour Laws: Final Report from the Ontario Government’s Changing Workplaces Review
04/25/2017 Court of Appeal Confirms That Employer’s Failure to Pay $330,000 Bonus Did Not Constitute Constructive Dismissal
03/09/2017 Guidance From the Ontario Court of Appeal on the Enforceability of Termination Provisions
02/09/2017 How to Say What You Mean: The Importance of Contractual Bonus Language
01/03/2017 Top 10 Employment & Labour Law Cases and Trends in 2016
09/12/2016 Compliance Alert: Increase to Minimum Wage and Ministry of Labour Announces New Employment Standards Blitz
09/09/2016 The Secret’s Out: Canadian Privacy Commissioner Finds Ashley Madison Contravened Privacy Laws
06/30/2016 AODA Update: Changes to the Accessible Customer Service Standard for Ontario Employers
06/14/2016 Ontario Court of Appeal Upholds Controversial Human Rights Decision Ordering Reinstatement of Former Employee
05/25/2016 Ontario Court Dismisses Claims for Constructive Dismissal and Bad Faith Damages Arising from Workplace Investigation
04/11/2016 Update on Bill 132: Sexual Violence and Harassment Action Plan Act
01/21/2016 Employer Fails to Pay $328,000 Bonus, Employee Sues, Everyone Loses: A Review of a Recent Constructive Dismissal Decision