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Chad Accursi Chad Accursi
t: 416 860 2937
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Joan Beck Joan Beck
t: 416 860 6754
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Eva Bellissimo Eva Bellissimo
t: 416 860 2959
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Mark T. Bennett Mark T. Bennett
t: 416 869 5407
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Andre Boivin Andre Boivin
t: 416 860 6580
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M. Joanna Cameron M. Joanna Cameron
t: 604 691 6103
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Jennifer Campbell Jennifer Campbell
t: 416 860 6462
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Gordon R. Chambers Gordon R. Chambers
t: 604 691 6106
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Nancy Choi Nancy Choi
t: 416 860 6591
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John T.C. Christian John T.C. Christian
t: 604 691 6102
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Lindsay Clements Lindsay Clements
t: 416 869 5491
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John H. Craig John H. Craig
t: 416 869 5756
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Frank DeLuca Frank DeLuca
t: 416 642 7475
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Peter A. Dunne Peter A. Dunne
t: 416 869 5342
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Jeff Durno Jeff Durno
t: 604 691 6105
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Andrea FitzGerald Andrea FitzGerald
t: 416 860 6525
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Deepak Gill Deepak Gill
t: 604 691 6117
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Jay Goldman Jay Goldman
t: 416 860 6474
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Gregory Hogan Gregory Hogan
t: 416 860 6554
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Alexandra Iliopoulos Alexandra Iliopoulos
t: 416 860 2909
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Jay F. King Jay F. King
t: 416 869 5480
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Tom Koutoulakis Tom Koutoulakis
t: 416 869 5311
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Pollyanna Lord Pollyanna Lord
t: 416 869 5427
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Sean Maniaci Sean Maniaci
t: 416 860 6466
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Cathy L. Mercer Cathy L. Mercer
t: 416 869 5772
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Cameron A. Mingay Cameron A. Mingay
t: 416 860 6615
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H. Jane Murdoch H. Jane Murdoch
t: 604 691 6112
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Darrell W. Podowski Darrell W. Podowski
t: 604 691 6129
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Andrew M. Reback Andrew M. Reback
t: 416 860 2980
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David Redford David Redford
t: 604 691 6125
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Jeffrey P. Roy Jeffrey P. Roy
t: 416 860 6616
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Paul M. Stein Paul M. Stein
t: 416 869 5487
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Jennifer Traub Jennifer Traub
t: 604 691 6110
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John P. Vettese John P. Vettese
t: 416 869 5336
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Lawrence D. Wilder Lawrence D. Wilder
t: 416 869 5750
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Mark I. Young Mark I. Young
t: 416 869 5380
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Heather Zordel Heather Zordel
t: 416 815 4363
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Chad Aboud Chad Aboud
t: 416 860 6741
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Zohar Barzilai Zohar Barzilai
t: 416 869 5326
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Alexis Bowie Alexis Bowie
t: 416 860 2922
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Angela Chu Angela Chu
t: 416 860 6734
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Sam Cole Sam Cole
t: 604 283 1485
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Justin Dick Justin Dick
t: 416 860 6443
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Andra Enescu Andra Enescu
t: 416 869 5381
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Jennifer Hansen Jennifer Hansen
t: 604 691 6114
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Afzal Hasan Afzal Hasan
t: 416 815 4248
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Shaun Khullar Shaun Khullar
t: 416 860 6620
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Anita Kim Anita Kim
t: 416 869 5998
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Jessica Lee Jessica Lee
t: 416 860 6747
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Adria Leung Lim Adria Leung Lim
t: 416 860 6470
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Joyce Lim Joyce Lim
t: 416 860 2942
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Jamie Litchen Jamie Litchen
t: 416 869 5328
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Joel McElravy Joel McElravy
t: 416 869 5323
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Alexander Pizale Alexander Pizale
t: 416 860 6771
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Jennifer L. Poirier Jennifer L. Poirier
t: 604 691 6107
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Samantha Prest Samantha Prest
t: 604 691 6104
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Kyle Simpson Kyle Simpson
t: 416 860 6523
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Andrew Spencer Andrew Spencer
t: 604 691 6118
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Law Clerks/ Paralegals


Securities law transactions, whether public offerings, private placements, takeover bids or restructuring by way of a plan of arrangement, are complex and fast-paced. You can't wait for your law firm to assemble additional expertise; they must have it ready when you are.

Our Securities Group offers comprehensive legal services in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and securities regulatory matters. Widely recognized for our experience and innovation in all areas of corporate securities law, we have one of the largest, most diverse and sophisticated securities law groups in Canada. The breadth and depth of our practice allows us to be on the cutting edge of new developments and important trends. In addition, we work with our colleagues in Registration and ComplianceBusiness Law and Taxation to provide seamless legal advice.

Cassels Brock is listed in the Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory as a most frequently recommended firm for sector-specific securities transactions. Our clients include dealers and advisors, underwriting syndicates, targets, offerors, boards of directors, special committees and lenders. We have experience across all industries, including mining, banking and finance, technology, manufacturing, insurance and transportation. We use our expertise and innovation to offer timely and cost-effective solutions to our clients.

Our securities law experts are ready to assist you with:

  • Public offerings and private placements of equity and debt securities
  • Income trusts
  • Amalgamations, mergers, arrangements, acquisitions and reorganizations, including "going private" transactions
  • Pre-public financings, including angel and venture capital investments
  • POP system, MJDS, cross-border and shelf offerings
  • Takeover bids and issuer bids
  • Stock exchange listings
  • Related party transactions and Multilateral Instrument 61-101 compliance
  • Investment dealer and advisor registrations
  • Regulatory agency hearings before bodies such as the OSC and the TSX
  • Ongoing compliance with securities law and continuous disclosure requirements

Our lawyers have provided securities law advice on many prominent, unique or specialized transactions, including recently:

  • Acting for a mining company in completing a bought deal offering of over 23 million common shares for gross proceeds of $213 million
  • Acting for a leading Canadian manufacturer of high quality branded and private label food products in completing its $127 million initial public offering
  • Acting for the underwriters in a private placement of $32.5 million subordinated convertible debentures for Canada's largest publicly traded construction company
  • Acting for the agents in a $220 million offering of debentures
  • Acting for the underwriters for a producer and marketer of wines and related products which completed a public offering for gross proceeds of $172 million
  • Acting for a telecommunications company in its conversion to an income trust and subsequent initial public offering of units
  • Acting for a large life and health insurance company in its $200 million-plus takeover of a mutual fund company
  • Acting for a mining company in acquiring a 100% interest in a Brazilian gold mine for approximately US$105 million