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 Peter Bouzalas
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 Walter Bowen, QC
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 Jason (Jake) Bullen
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 M. Joanna Cameron
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 Casey Chisick
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 Noble C. Chummar
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 Jonathan Fleisher
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 Leonard Glickman
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 Brian P. Koscak
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 Laurie LaPalme
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 Christopher B. Norton
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 Sheldon Plener
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 Andrew M. Reback
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 Stephen I. Selznick
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 Gary Steinhart
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 France M. Tenaille
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 Ann Watterworth
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 Luke Woolford
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 Jeremy Bornstein
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 Jamie Firsten
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 Alison Hayman
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 Stephen Henderson
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 Nia Karabatsos
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 Steven Kennedy
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 Brie Kimel
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 Mickey Lungu
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 Jeff Mikelberg
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 Brittany Moloney
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 Jennifer L. Poirier
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 Frank Robinson
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 Jason R. Sernoskie
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 Alykhan Somani
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 Rebecca Valo
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 Laura Weingarden
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Law Clerks/ Paralegals


The Business Law Group at Cassels Brock offers a complete range of corporate and commercial legal services delivered by a dynamic and experienced team. We apply our knowledge and skills to provide effective responses and innovative solutions to meet all our clients' needs in a timely manner. We work with a wide range of clients, from small entrepreneurial firms to large private and public companies with local and international interests.

We have experience representing every type of stakeholder, including buyers, sellers, borrowers, lenders, shareholders, takeover or acquisition targets, receivers, boards and committees, franchisors, distributors, partnerships and governments and government corporations.

The lawyers in our Business Law Group offer legal and strategic advice to our clients and structure, negotiate and implement all manner of business transactions on their behalf. We are skilled and experienced in all aspects of corporate and commercial law, including:

  • Acquisitions and divestitures, including share and asset purchases and sales
  • Business structuring - corporations, partnerships, business trusts
  • Shareholder and partnership agreements, joint ventures and other strategic alliances
  • Private equity investments, venture capital and angel financings
  • Project financing
  • Supply, licensing, distribution and outsourcing arrangements and other commercial agreements
  • Corporate recapitalizations, receiverships and turnarounds
  • Public/private partnerships
  • Corporate governance
  • Competition matters
  • International trade issues
  • Stock option plans and executive compensation

Our lawyers have provided business law advice on many prominent, complex and unique transactions and commercial contracts, including:

  • Acting for the purchaser on the acquisition of a National Hockey League franchise and related arena and entertainment complex
  • Acting for the purchaser on the leveraged buyout of one of the largest copper and zinc producers in Canada
  • Acting for several large Canadian based brand name recognized manufacturers, including a footwear manufacturer on its multi-jurisdictional acquisition of a major competitor
  • Acting for a Canadian income fund on its acquisition of a major Canadian cargo transportation company and related initial public offering
  • Acting for a major US software company on several acquisitions of Canadian software companies and assets
  • Acting for a Canadian telecom income fund on its acquisition of a major telecom company and related initial public offering
  • Acting for a large multinational pharmaceutical company on its acquisitions of two competitors, creating one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, and its disposition of non-core businesses
  • Acting for the Province of Ontario in its restructuring of Ontario Hydro and the creation of Ontario Power Generation Inc. and Hydro One Inc.
  • Acting for a renowned mining company on the construction of its electricity transmission line related to a Canadian diamond mine
  • Acting on behalf of a large independent financial services company on its acquisitions of investment dealers and asset managers