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Related people 1
Jason (Jake) Bullen Jason (Jake) Bullen
t: 416 860 2953
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Casey Chisick Casey Chisick
t: 416 869 5403
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Noble C. Chummar Noble C. Chummar
t: 416 869 5454
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Brian P. Dominique Brian P. Dominique
t: 416 869 5435
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Jonathan Fleisher Jonathan Fleisher
t: 416 860 6596
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Nicola Geary Nicola Geary
t: 416 860 5212
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Leonard Glickman Leonard Glickman
t: 416 869 5993
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Maxwell Gotlieb Maxwell Gotlieb
t: 416 869 5397
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Colin Ground Colin Ground
t: 416 860 6742
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Terry Hall Terry Hall
t: 416 860 2992
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Alison Hayman Alison Hayman
t: 416 815 4240
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Bernice Karn Bernice Karn
t: 416 869 5721
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Laurie LaPalme Laurie LaPalme
t: 416 869 5781
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Mickey Lungu Mickey Lungu
t: 416 642 7459
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Christopher B. Norton Christopher B. Norton
t: 416 869 5701
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Sheldon Plener Sheldon Plener
t: 416 869 5374
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Andrew M. Reback Andrew M. Reback
t: 416 860 2980
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Frank Robinson Frank Robinson
t: 416 869 5991
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Stephen I. Selznick Stephen I. Selznick
t: 416 860 6883
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Gary Steinhart Gary Steinhart
t: 416 860 2939
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Stéphane Teasdale Stéphane Teasdale
t: 416 869 5460
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Keith Templeton Keith Templeton
t: 403 351 2925
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Ann Watterworth Ann Watterworth
t: 416 869 5484
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Luke Woolford Luke Woolford
t: 416 869 5332
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Related people 3
Michael A. Alvaro Michael A. Alvaro
t: 416 860 2936
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Jonathan J. Chandler Jonathan J. Chandler
t: 604 691 6115
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Xi Chen Xi Chen
t: 416 860 6884
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Belinda Chiu Belinda Chiu
t: 416 860 6461
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Jacqueline Chow Jacqueline Chow
t: 403 351 2932
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Marco Ciarlariello Marco Ciarlariello
t: 416 869 5334
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Daniel P. Cipollone Daniel P. Cipollone
t: 416 815 4243
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Brittany Finn Brittany Finn
t: 416 860 6895
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Matt Gold Matt Gold
t: 416 860 6897
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Rowan Groenewald Rowan Groenewald
t: 416 860 6553
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Neil K. Harris Neil K. Harris
t: 403 351 2638
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Stephen Henderson Stephen Henderson
t: 416 860 6773
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Arend J.A. Hoekstra Arend J.A. Hoekstra
t: 604 283 1481
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Pamela Hojilla Pamela Hojilla
t: 416 869 5707
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Steven Kennedy Steven Kennedy
t: 416 869 5977
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Noah Leszcz Noah Leszcz
t: 416 869 5360
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James Lyle James Lyle
t: 416 869 5376
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Amanda Metallo Amanda Metallo
t: 416 869 5446
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Jeff Mikelberg Jeff Mikelberg
t: 416 860 6504
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A. Chandimal Nicholas A. Chandimal Nicholas
t: 416 860 6750
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Aimee O'Donnell Aimee O'Donnell
t: 604 691 6116
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Jackson Phillips Jackson Phillips
t: 416 642 7447
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Chad Podolsky Chad Podolsky
t: 416 869 5456
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Jennifer L. Poirier Jennifer L. Poirier
t: 604 691 6107
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Jacqueline Richards Jacqueline Richards
t: 416 869 5391
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Stephanie Roberts Stephanie Roberts
t: 416 815 4245
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Stefanie Sebanc Stefanie Sebanc
t: 416 869 5405
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Jonathan Sherman Jonathan Sherman
t: 416 869 5409
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Kyle Simpson Kyle Simpson
t: 416 860 6523
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Alykhan Somani Alykhan Somani
t: 416 869 5777
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Rebecca Valo Rebecca Valo
t: 416 860 6885
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Michael Weizel Michael Weizel
t: 416 860 6880
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Patricia Wood Patricia Wood
t: 416 860 2911
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Law Clerks/ Paralegals


Recent Work

Canopy Rivers Closes Oversubscribed $26 Million Private Placement 2018
Canopy Growth Announces Joint Venture to Convert 700,000 Square Feet of Existing Greenhouse in Quebec 2017
Cassels Brock Acts for the Majority Shareholder in the $75.75 Million Purchase of the Edwards Hotel (Markham) and the Edwards Hotel (North York) 2017
Canopy Growth Announces New Collaboration to Join Three of the World's Most Influential Cannabis Businesses 2017
Cassels Brock Represents the Underwriters in EnWave's $9.2 Million Public Offering 2017
Dundee Precious Metals Inc. Completes Investment in MineRP and Combination with its Terrative Digital Solutions 2017
VersaPay Corporation Closes $10.7 Million Private Placement 2017
Canopy Growth Establishes Joint Venture to Convert 1.3 Million Square Feet of Existing Greenhouse in British Columbia 2017
Euro Sun Mining Inc. Completes $2 Million Private Placement 2017
Sable Resources Closes $4.25 Million Private Placement 2017
Canopy Growth Solidifies New Brunswick Expansion Strategy with the Acquisition of Spot Therapeutics Inc. 2017
LookBookHQ Raises US$11 Million Series B Round Led By Edison Partners 2017
Mapletree Investments Acquires Portfolio of Assets from Kayne Anderson Real Estate Advisors 2017
NIBE Completes First Tranche of its Acquisition of Tempeff North America Ltd. 2017
Yamana Completes Sale of $80 Million of Brio Gold Shares 2017
Golden Leaf Holdings Completes $35 Million Private Placement of Subscription Receipts and $2.5 Million Private Placement of Units 2017
Fix Auto Canada Acquires Novus Glass and Related Brands 2017
New Gold Completes US$300 Million Senior Notes Offering 2017
AcuityAds Completes Acquisition of Visible Measures and Bought Deal Private Placement 2017
VersaPay Corporation Completes Sale of Merchant Services Business 2017
Yamana Gold Inc. Completes Brio Gold Inc. Purchase Rights Offering 2016
AGT Food and Ingredients Inc. Completes its $200 Million Senior Notes Offering 2016
Apogee Enterprises, Inc. Completes its $135 Million Acquisition of Sotawall Inc. 2016
Cassels Brock Successful on Appeal, as Yukon Court Rejects US$2.3 Billion Plan of Arrangement 2016
Belleville Senators Inc. Completes Acquisition of Binghamton Senators 2016
Yamana Gold Inc. Announces Filing of Preliminary Prospectus Relating to Spin-Off of Brio Gold Inc. 2016
Yamana Gold Inc. Completes US$33.55 Million Sale of Share Purchase Warrants of Sandstorm Gold Ltd. 2016
Silver Wheaton Acquires Additional Gold Stream from Vale's Salobo Mine for US$800 Million 2016
Planet Paper Group Acquires Tricor LLC 2016
Firmex Inc. Acquired by Novacap 2016
VersaPay Corporation Completes $4.6 Million Bought Deal Financing 2016
Carnegie Networks LLC’s SpectrumMAX and Pravala Networks Join Forces 2016
Evolocity Financial Group Inc. Completes $22.5 Million Financing with Seer Capital Partners 2016