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Jacqueline Richards and Jonathan Sherman Discuss Cannabis Legalization & Expanding Investor Market with Lexpert

Publish: 05/29/2017

Jacqueline Richards and Jonathan Sherman have been quoted on lexpert.ca, in an article titled "Cannabis Legislation Means Expanding Investor Market."

Says Jonathan: "There is a significant influx of capital from everywhere, including China and the US, for this new industry."

Encouraging this influx, says Jacqueline Richards, is the way in which Canada has structured its legal cannabis licensing process.

“Our system has encouraged the development of more sophisticated and better capitalized players than in other areas of the world,” she says. “Canada currently limits the number of licenses available for producers [only 38 have been issued to date] and the licenses are tied to specific pieces of production property, which incentivizes companies to license large pieces of property and build big, early.”

Read the full article here.

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