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Brand Management in Canadian Law, Third Edition

Published: 08/20/2010

Cassels Brock Intellectual Property partner John McKeown's Brand Management in Canadian Law, Third Edition is an exceptional, easy-to-understand practical guide to the branding process and Canadian laws. The book brings together the legal and non-legal aspects of a wide range of topics ranging from choosing a name to fighting interlopers in cyber space. It is an invaluable tool for both legal and marketing departments.

  • Explore the branding process and how existing Canadian laws apply.
  • Discover the impact of consumer perceptions on a brand.
  • Learn about brand equity, leverage and integration.

What’s New in This Edition

Just released, the third edition of Brand Management in Canadian Law has been updated to include current case law, expert analysis, summaries and checklists. New topics and features include:

  • case law updated to January 2010
  • an expanded chapter on branding on the internet and domain names
  • phishing and related problems
  • sale of counterfeits on the internet
  • misleading and comparative advertising
  • metatags, keywords and search engine rankings

Brand Management in Canadian Law, Third Edition can be ordered in one of these ways:

  • mail or fax using the Order Form
  • order online from the publisher
  • call toll free 1-800-387-5164

For more information about the book, please contact:
John McKeown
Tel: (416) 869-5498